Dell Latitude E7240 12" 128GB Ultrabook

Maybe I am missing something again, but Dell has been advertising the same E7240 8GB/128GB for $249 all week …

What’s going on?

I was about to post the same thing.

This has the 1 year warranty ($49) and Windows 10 Pro (for only $1)… Makes it at least worth $299. lol

Does this have a back lit keyboard?

I have the E6430 from work for about three years now. It’s a great machine. The only thing I wish I could change is to have wireless 802.11ac.

Mine does have a back lit keyboard.

First, link doesn’t work. Maybe it sold out? Second, all the 7240’s I found only had 4gb of RAM but did have larger the larger 256bg SSD’s. Plus, as someone else noted, this comes with Win 10 pro whereas the furbs on Dell came with 7 or 8 pro. AND this one includes warranty, Dells site it’s extra.

Not a better bargain than Dell, but not worse either. Decisions come down to personal preference. More RAM? Bigger SSD? Older or newer OS? I hate change so I’m clinging to my 7 Pro as long as I can.

Can anyone confirm that this model has a back lit keypad? Thanks- much appreciated.

I have the same model and it does have the backlit keyboard. Hope that helps.

Thanks! Yes!

The link I posted had the exact same specs as this one, except OS, but $50 more. Woot’s is a worse deal than DFS.

Anyone know of a good place to find the 14" version?