Dell Latitude E7450 14" 16GB DDR3 Laptop

Definitely not worth anywhere near a $1000. Especially for a dual core chip. Trying to make up for it with memory and an SSD still falls short of that $1000 asking price.!

Give the laptop some credit. Obviously this laptop isn’t going for gaming or something of that nature. The 5600U is a solid I7 with low power draw, low res but still HD 14" screen with an SSD and 16Gbs of RAM. This will make for a longer lasting powerhouse of a work computer.

I have the previous generation of this laptop through work. It’s fantastic. Rock solid build. Not too heavy despite the 14" screen. Keyboard is great to type on. As noted above, this is not a gaming laptop. It’s great for business, school, coding, etc. Brand new, this laptop can easily cost over $1500 with the same configuration.