Dell Latitude E7450 14" Intel i5 128GB Ultrabook

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Dell Latitude E7450 14" Intel i5 128GB Ultrabook
Price: $429.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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I ordered this before-arrived with a non working touch pad and no backlit key board. Dell sent somebody to replace the touch pad, and Woot refunded $50 to get the keyboard fixed. I ordered a keyboard for $26 and fixed it myself. It works great now but it took a little while to get it there.

I use Dell 7400 series Ultrabooks in an enterprise setting and run an E7450 myself, great devices, quality build. Cannot speak to the quality of refurbished products but Dell have been good about warranty repairs and other items.

Does this computer support 4k video editing? I am looking for a small, portable laptop with the power for video editing.

Really? You can get a Acer Swift 3 from Costco for $500 and get 2x the storage space and faster processor. Woot has really gone down hill with deals. Keep in mind You don’t need to be a member to buy online with Costco and they give you 2 extra years of warranty with 90 days return.

That depends on how you define “support.” Will the programs launch and run? Sure. Will it be a smooth, enjoyable experience? No, almost certainly not. Intel’s U processors (5300U here) are their low-power versions of the mainstream Core I series processors. They’re designed for light to medium workloads while sipping power. For 4K editing on a laptop, you’re going to have to spring for something with a full quad-core CPU, at LEAST 8GB of RAM and a good SSD. 4K editing is one of the most demanding things you can do on a computer outside of 3D modeling and AAA title gaming.

TL;DR: No, get a much beefier and better laptop.

Is the Smart Card reader usable? Perhaps just a marking on the chasis but not smart card capable?

Price Drop? 399 now