Dell Latitude E7450 14" Intel i5 SSD Ultrabooks

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Dell Latitude E7450 14" Intel i5 SSD Ultrabooks
Price: $359.99 - 399.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Thursday, Nov 16 to Tuesday, Nov 21) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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10/25/2017 - $359.99 - 399.9

I think we can all agree that this message board will be an argument between those that agree this screen resolution is useless and those that are old.

*those that have flip phones.

I think we can all agree 768 sucks and sooooo 2010! At this point in time these should be all collected and burned in a large pile somewhere in iceland

How does Iceland deserve such treatment?!

This might be a good deal if you absolutely cannot spend more than $400. For comparison though, I just bought a new 15.6in Dell with a much newer processor, 256 SSD, 1080 resolution and a dedicated 4GB video card for $580.

Many Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals will likely beat this easily.

(FWIW that price did include a good military discount)

This resolution is perfect for what this is - a BUSINESS class laptop. Most presentations, presentation software and conferences just cannot handle screens ans screen sharing at a higher resolution. I do this daily, and the ability to go higher res often creates scaling issues. This display is a sweet spot. Also, this laptop is solid, performs amazingly well and has top notch battery life. Anti glare screen, solid build. It is a great deal. Now if you’re in your 20s and living in your parents basement with nothing but time to play games and the Emoji movie in HD, this laptop is not for you.

1080p or bust.

Why would you buy for the lowest common denominator? It’s very easy to adjust screen resolution when you need it. A higher screen resolution makes you much more productive.

I hate that a TV standard is also a computer standard. My last CRT monitor had a resolution higher than 1080. This is really a step backwards. Especially for anything over 19 inches.