Dell Latitude E7450 14" Intel i5 240GB Ultrabook

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Dell Latitude E7450 14" Intel i5 240GB Ultrabook
Price: $399.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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I am assuming no touch screen.

It would be in the Specs if it were

Very nice “business” notebook. I kind of like the business lines of OEMs because they tend to have much less crapware. And, are more standardized in hardware making OS updates much easier to handle. This would be a great student laptop too.

Works wonders with the Dell docking station. This setup also supports three displays at once, more if you Daisy chain the displayport. Definitely recommend for students.

“1366 x 768 resolution showcases movies and games in stunning clarity”

1366x768 and stunning clarity should NEVER be in the same sentence unless you are referring to a smart watch display.

1366 x 768, wanna party like its 2007. This resolution needs to die.

If you were old enough to remember the dark days when CGA, EGA and VGA ruled the earth, you wouldn’t be so judgmental.

The 1366x768 resolution on this monitor is perfectly adequate for the purposes with which the Latitude series was designed-- general business use-- and works just fine as a personal laptop. If you want to see higher resolution, get an HD monitor in your choice of resolution, hook it up to this Latitude, set the proper video settings and bask in the glow of pixel nirvana.

Agree. Guess these are the same people that if their cell phone can’t give them 4K super duper ultra resolution while streaming family guy, they complain. :wink:

But snooping around, looks like this platform was designed for Win7 and 8. Didn’t see anywhere where it was produced with a touch screen (for the guy asking). But, it’s a crap (no pun intended) shoot. Wouldn’t be 1st time something was “overlooked” in the specs. :-]

I have a 7450 given to me by my company. W10 works just fine, speed is good enough… we have a different issue that all the crap my IT department puts on it (way overkill on virus protection and other security SW), makes the computer slow, but when I disable that, it runs fine. :wink:

(the running joke I have is that no hacker could possibly get into our computers… because the processors are running at 100% at all times… “hacker tries to run a command… computer… sorry, take a number… or come back never”… it’s a brilliant strategy… who cares that our people can’t get their jobs done… no info will be stolen!!!)

anyway, it’s an approx $1000 laptop that approx 2 yrs later selling for $400. Same laptop (double check specs, the 7450 comes with a few different processor options) goes for 500-700 (I checked amazon, YMMV).

I’m considering pulling the trigger to update the samsung laptop I got my kids 6 yrs ago. Might wipe that one and put linux on it. :slight_smile:

Agreed. I use laptops for code development and spreadsheets. My gf uses it for her accounting classes. The more lines the better in all cases. If phones can have 1080 resolution then it shouldn’t be that hard for laptops.

Man, there are some judgemental people on here that think anything developed after 2010 is not needed. I guess I should get off of their lawns before they start complaining that it has too much memory that nobody would ever use and one of those new-fangled SSDs that are too fast and shouldn’t be allowed. Because by god back in my day CGA was good enough for me it should be good enough for everyone.

And, for the record my first computer had CGA graphics and a whooping 100M hard drive and an 8086. But, thankfully most of our equipment is better now.

Anyone have experience with Verified Systems Solutions the refurbisher? It seems these might be no more than used polished up enterprise notebooks traded in and had their operating systems reinstalled.

I bought a Lenovo from them on Woot a couple months ago. Out of the box the keyboard was sticky due to a coating that was coming off. It started having a short or something recently. They were easy to reach and said they would fix both issues. They received it a week ago and I have heard nothing since. My wife is pissed at me for buying it for her and I had to give up my MS Surface Pro.

On this Dell: I have this laptop for work. The MB has been replaced twice and the ram once. 2 arrow keys stop working sometimes when undocked. Mild torsion or vibration (like in flight) caused shorts. Not a fan. I would not buy this.

The warranty seems pretty weak:

*As to all of Seller’s Products, unless otherwise qualified, the term “Life Expectancy” as noted on attached performance specification or quotation, if any, is not a statement of guaranteed life, but rather, is Seller’s best estimate of the anticipated performance of the unit under normal operating conditions. Claims for defective workmanship or material must be made within one year from the original date of shipment or 2,000 hours of operation, whichever first occurs.

In case of any justifiable claim, Seller will either repair or replace the defective goods when returned, but no goods shall be returned without Seller’s consent. No claim shall be made at any time for labor or damages, direct or indirect, alleged to have been caused by defects in any product. The remedies stated on the invoice are exclusive and Buyer waives all other remedies it may have in law or equity.*

Yeah- I’m 53, I do remember those resolutions. There is no excuse with the cost of panels, the current technology and the fact that an OS can easily scale to have any display less than 1080p. Perhaps you need a new eyeglass prescription, because even at my ripe old age of 53 I can be annoyed at the pixels on a 1366x768 display on a 14" monitor.

Why even bother streaming anything, I’m sure your old cell phone works fine- plus I’m sure you still have your VCR? Don’t forget to rewind your rental tapes, BE KIND REWIND. I bet that Zenith still has some life left in it too- please 4K, what a joke.

My first PC compatible had CGA with a green monochrome monitor, no hard drive and 256KB of RAM. "We were thankful to have that dirt to eat, we were thankful!
(Woot comments, Y U NO italics?)

Maybe that 5-pin DIN to USB connector isn’t translating all the characters accurately. :wink:

Can this play WoW?