Dell Latitude E7470 14" FHD Intel i7 Laptop

Dell Latitude E7470 14" FHD Intel i7 Laptop

Does this have a backlit keyboard?

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Since nothing in the ad copy, including pictures, suggests it does… If only there were some way for us to quickly ask, at any time, a giant worldwide computer network this question. A network that knew a billion, or trillion, or even 10^100 facts…


Yes these do have a backlit keyboard. You may have to enable this feature in the BIOS. My work uses a lot of these and some came in with that featured turned on and others it was turned off.

Just a heads up on Memory Capacity. The documentation says 16GB, but I have TWO 16GB DIMM’s in mine for a total of 32GB Ram. There is a list of compatible DIMM’s that work with this laptop/chipset. I have two E7470’s and they both have 32GB Ram now. Also note that these laptop’s don’t appear to have the high res screen, anti-glare (2560 x 1440), doesn’t have a touch screen, no finger print reader, no NFC ability. If you care about those things.

yes, the keyboard is backlit, and the letters are trasparent so they light up a bit.

I’ve had this laptop for a while as a work laptop. It’s been great, and has survived several years of getting tossed in a backpack and taken everywhere, including going on plane trips, getting carried to the top of 70’ industrial structures and used there, heavy dust environments, and just all around being used and abused.

I think this is over priced. Slow cpu and tiny SSD. Should be $299.

RE: Backlit Keyboard

Hi there. There’s some discussion on the keyboard. Backlit keyboard was an OPTION for this model. We can’t guarantee that the laptop will have a backlit keyboard. It will vary from unit to unit. This is why we don’t mention it in the specs.

What do you mean it will vary from unit to unit? Wouldn’t different options changithe price? Or is this just like a grab bag - maybe you’ll get the laptop you wanted, perhaps not?

You’re response does not inspire confidence, sounds more like a $400 gamble.

You’re new here right?

These are refurbished.

I am new here. I did notice they are refurbished. However, I didn’t think that would potentially change the options on the laptop.

The vendor gets in large lots of a computer model. Options can vary from unit to unit. We list what you get a minimum. Things like a backlit keyboard, might be there on some but we can’t guarantee it.

I purchased this laptop for a friend who lives across the country from me. However when she got it, it appears to not have windows loaded into it. Am I missing something on the set up instructions or is this not normal?