Dell Latitude E7470 14" Full-HD Intel i5 Laptop

Any idea whether the 128 GB SSD drive is the M.2 format that uses the PCIe bus?

I just went through the process at work of setting up a new Latitude 7470 for one of the staff. Originally, the plan was to backdate it to the university-licensed Win7 Enterprise OS, but after finding out that the Samsung 512GB NVMe SSD was in fact one of the new M.2 drives, we went ahead and upgraded to Win10 Enterprise over the Home Premium that it came with. This was due to the fact that Win7 doesn’t include native USB3.0 drivers (all 3 ports are USB3 on the E7470) or drivers for the PCIe M.2 SSD interface, while Win10 does.

If you insist on Win7 for this machine (again, assuming the SSD on this is the M.2 format), you’ll need to slipstream the appropriate M.2 SSD and USB3 drivers onto the install disk/flash drive so the Win7 OS install will recognize the hardware.

Otherwise, I was fairly impressed with the E7470 while I was setting it up.

Does this machine have a webcam and microphone? Dell’s site shows that as standard on all Latitude E 7000 series models and it shows in the picture, yet the specs say no.

Batches of Factory Reconditioned laptops, like these, are often a mix of model numbersl; they’re brought up to the stated Specs, as a minimum. So, you could get both, but we don’t want to set you up for disappointment if you don’t get a mic/webcam.