Dell Latitude E7470 14" QHD Intel Touch Laptop

Does this have an open slot for another 8gb of ram?

… and can someone find out positively whether or not this has a web-cam and integrated microphone (and the other E-7470 Latitudes, as well)?

These two features are standard on every single Latitude E7470 that’s been listed on Dell’s website-- i.e., they give you NO option to NOT include the webcam and mic, from their least expensive configuration to their most expensive.

A recommendation for a co-worker to buy one of these rests on getting an answer to this question.

In a batch of factory reconditioned laptops, some features will vary from unit to unit. If we’re not sure that every unit will have that features, we will say it does not have it.

It supports a max of 16GB per the specs. The arrangement of the existing memory can vary from unit to unit.