Dell Latitude E7470 14" QHD Intel Touch Laptop

Dell Latitude E7470 14" QHD Intel Touch Laptop

So, to clarify “open box” in this context, does this mean it is NOT “refurbished,” as in when the 3rd-party people put sticky plastic covers on the top and keyboard frame, and even the touchpad. This being a particular sore topic I’ve discussed with Woot CS before (who have been very friendly and co-operative, but did inform me that often that is what “refurbished” means, whereas I assumed it meant “restored to near-new condition by cleaning or replacing as needed.” I did not assume it to mean putting sticky plastic sheets on all surfaces of a used laptop. So anyway hoping this ISN’T the case here because I might order one!

This one is a 3rd party refurbished computer. Each company refurbishes in a different manner and each laptop is a unique case as to how it will be refurbished.

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OK Thanks for quick reply. I was hoping “open box” was different and I would be lucky and get a “box had the tape cut on it once but everything is like-new” (though I did not expect that to be likely…)

To me, the sticky-tape “refurbishment” just makes it a 3rd-rate, not just 3rd-party, product. If there’s anything you can do please tell them to “STOP THAT!” Both Dell Latitudes I bought had that miserable abuse perpetrated on them. I decided to keep them both and peel of the kitchen-contact-paper crap (you know landlords used to say “don’t put sticky paper on the shelves or you will lose your deposit!”). And now it happens with $1K Dell laptops (admittedly sold at half-original-price). laptops are fine and don’t even look scratched or dirty very much, except for some residual stickiness that still remains that I haven’t figured out how to clean yet.

I’ll pass on the feedback. It’s a fairly common practice though on refurbished computers.

Have you tried Goo Gone?