Dell Latitude XT3 13.3" Convertible Laptops

Notebookcheck Review (i7 version)…

More processor info on the i3-2310M
More processor info on the i5-2520M

No 802.11n? I don’t think so. Must be a typo.

The picture of laptop shows a webcam yet the description has no web cam … mmmm?

As a simple backup machine this might fit the bill, but here’s the negatives:

  • That flex style hinge is asking for trouble. I’ve seen it happen too often.

  • The thing is a honking 6+ # of dead weight, but only 13.3" and no optical drive. (made of gold?)

  • Memory can only be increased to 8gb. This means minimal multi-tasking.

Hope so. The site below says it has wireless N.

Official Spec Sheet from Dell …

Batches of refurbished laptops, like these, are a mix of model numbers. They have the stated specs, as a minimum. That said, you could end up with a webcam, we’re just not promising.

I almost broke my screen trying to kill your bug.

There is very little difference between 8GB vs 16GB, unless you’re doing hardcore compression.

8GB should be plenty for 99% of users.

I’m late :frowning: , but I till want to buy i5 version. Add another time this item.

Update for any considering this if it comes around again. I bought 2 of them. They finally arrived last night and they are heavier than you would expect for a laptop of this size. The Windows score for any that want to compare to what they already have is 5.9 (this was the i5 version). The downside of them is there is no DVD drive so be aware of that fact, I didn’t realize it until I started looking because I just assumed any real laptop would have one… Upside is you can get docking stations that have a DVD read write in them for under 20 dollar on ebay, I snagged one for 15 that is supposed to be new in the box… So no problem there.

Viewing angle is very good on it, frankly it has a better viewing angle than my macbook pro.

Now for the downside. Because it is also a touch screen, Dell decided to use the cheaper membrane type touche screen so there is a plastic film on the screen that will be prone to scratching. Also the stylus it comes with requires a aaaa battery which can be a little harder to find depending on where you live and the stores around you. The mouse touchpad buttons feel a little cheap with a lot of play before they actually click. The pointer nipple in the keyboard is utter crap, not that I’m a fan of those things but the ones in the IBM think pads were responsive and usable, this one is not that responsive making it kind of pointless.

Now the big caveat for any considering these in the future is the quality of the refurb. As I mentioned I ordered 2. 1 works fine operationally, it has some scratches on the case corners and a lot around the VGA port but then its a refurb so you expect that… bottom line it is completely functional with a clean screen that works.

The second one however is junk. The stylus doesn’t work on it, the swivel hinge is completely worn out to the point that once you have opened the screen the screen freely turn or flops any which way gravity pulls it depending on how you hold it, lift up one edge even a 1/2 of an inch and the screen will swing around. The other laptop hinge is nice and snug so you open it and turn it to what ever direction you want and it stays there until you physically turn or move it again. Worse still is the screen. As I mentioned earlier the screen is covered in a plastic membrane, well this one looks like it was used by someone in a plant that had to check off boxes in specific spots on the screen because there are about a dozen spots where you can see that a stylus was used to click the screen over and over to the point that the otherwise matte surface of the plastic is polished smooth… which unfortunately causes problems with the screen as it distorts images on the screen in those dozen spots. So if you were to own one of these I would suggest you refrain from using the stylus much because the screens will clearly wear out over time.

In short I had a 50/50 luck with these refurbs… One unit worked the other didn’t so I’m not sure whoever the refurber of this was but clearly they didn’t do much beyond putting hard drives in them and loading up clean copies of windows.