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Dell Latitude14.1" Notebook [Refurbished] - $279.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Dell Latitude14.1" D620 1.66Ghz, 60GB, 1GB, XPpro Notebook

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Dell Latitude14.1" Notebook
$279.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Dell Latitude14.1" D620 1.66Ghz, 60GB, 1GB, XPpro Notebook

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BEWARE of Dell!

I’ve heard a lot of stories of Dell gone bad…

notebook is for 1999 or something wtf are those specs

Wow… 2002 called, they want their notebook back.


support stuff




same price as

Dell Latitude14.1" Notebook

hahahaha, it has a dialup modem built in.

As an FYI you can get Netbooks with better specs for the same price.

Now this looks like a system perfect for Win98SE!

now, would this be one of those Dell machines made with the faulty components from China? because Dell was putting KNOWN BAD BOARD into refurbished computers.

Crap, I might do this just to have spare parts around the office as we run D620 and D630 laptops.

There are still laptops with 56k modems in them that are being sold?
That’s surprising.

These things suck sooooo bad… I really hate the D620 series. I dont know why there is a sudden flood of these in the refurb market.

I’d pay like $150 for those specs. Shit, my dad got a Dell laptop with better specs for $200 like a year ago.

We’ve got D620s for work. They’re not bad computers. Batteries are going on them now, after about 4 years of ownership, I’d say. Not horrible.

That would make a great student notebook.

Dell Latitude refurbs are very often corporate leased laptops that are being disposed of. Usually cosmetically ugly due to the fact that people often abuse work laptops, esp. ones that are on lease.

this is antediluvian!