Dell & Lenovo

Ugh, got this tablet new 8 months ago for $1000…

Great tablet though, once they released a number of BIOS updates and a firmware update for the touchscreen it’s functioned absolutely beautifully. A steal at this price

Also I highly recommend the Dell Optiplex desktops and Latitude laptop. We sell these to our clients at the MSP I work at and they are absolutely solid workhorses.

Dell’s business line is the best on the market for these kinda pre-built PCs currently IMHO

Which Latitude would you recommend? Is the price good even though the Latitudes are reconditioned and has anyone had bad/good experience with reconditioned Dell machines?

Is the Xeon PC good enough to host Microsoft Exchange Server and other programs? Or should I just get a dedicated server blade so I can mount on the rack?

Anyone know what model Carbon that is?

Can additional RAM be added to the Dell Optiplex 9010 23" All-In-One Desktop?

Probably a question for Dell in addition to asking if it’s user upgradable.

I’d avoid any of the Ivy Bridge mobile processors as they are not power efficient if mobility is important to you. Those are the ones that say Core i3/i5/i7 3XXX, the 3XXX being the giveaway. The Haswell 4XXX chips are MUCH more power efficient and have been the standard for the last 1.5 years or so.

We are a Dell shop at work. We buy lots of refurbs direct from Dell and they always show up brand new looking. Never had any issues.

Also, got one of the Venue’s a few months back (with the keyboard). While the tablet is plenty fast enough to work on, the physical keyboard atachment (also got in Woot for a steal!) is terrible to type on. It takes a few days to get used to, and you will find you still have a LOT of typos.

As for these laptops here, I have the E5540 (but with the 1080p screen and i7) and absolutely love it!

We also have lots of E7440’s we order for our users and they are excellent laptops, People love the light weight and size, and they are very powerful.

If you want a few different options than you see here, check the Dell Outlet. But these are a great price on Woot.