Dell-lightful: Computers From Dell

The Dell Venue Pro 8 can be had from your local Office Depot for $20 less, brand spankin’ new. That’s a shameful price on a refurb, Woot.

The one you linked is not 64GB though.

For some reason I cant find the Dell Venue 8 android with 64gs anywhere on the web including Dell. So how did they get one? Are they sure its not must 16 or 32? Not talking about the Pro (windows).

+1 here

The Android “Venue 8” (not the “Venue 8 Pro” Windows 8.1 tablet) is only listed on Dell’s site as available in 16GB or 32GB variants. I can find no information of a 64GB Android version anywhere.

If this is truly a 64GB Android tablet, this is a great deal due to the way Kit Kat changes external memory usage (you can no longer put programs on the external cards… without a LOT of hacking in Kit Kat). The Venue 8 has a OTA update to 4.4.2, so having 64GB for programs and an external card slot for media for $129 is a darn good deal… IF, that is, this thing is real.

So, Woot… can you clarify on on the Venue 8 here:

Is it really 64GB?

Thank you.

It is not! It’s 16GB and we should have changed it now, sorry about that, apparently the specs got transferred over from a different sale.

Speaking of incorrect specs, can you check this one?

It’s $749.99 with the exact same specs as the $829.99 model, except it’s got an actually acceptable screen resolution and the other one has a terrible screen resolution, and the cheaper one also has a larger battery.

Looking at the other $749.99 ones, it seems the $829.99 one is the worst specced laptop, so it probably should be $729.99 or even less.

The more expensive laptop is NEW. It also has an integrated webcam and microphone.

Thanks for your post/inquiry!

Dell also has a 30% off coupon code going on right now for their home outlet store for laptops, desktops, tablets, and monitors:

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On the Dell XPS 8700 it states that it has a “BD-ROM” – does that mean that it has a Blue Ray reader, but can burn CD / DVD’s or is it a BD-ROM only? No burn features at all?

This drive will play Blu-Rays and play and burn CD/DVD. I have a similar reader/drive in my 8300.
If you buy this computer, you need to make sure the company has you listed as the owner for support.

does the venue 8 pro come with office activation key?

We can’t guarantee that it does. It depends on a lot of factors such as whether the previous owner registered the software. That’s why we don’t mention it in our features.

Okay thanks for the honesty

Coupon no longer works. I believe this is a very similar model at Dell Outlets for the MSRP listed by Woot.

Is the XPS 8700 reconditioned or brand new? Can’t find it specified on the page, but might be missing it.


It’s new. If it shows a list price, it’s almost always new. Also, if you click through the sale, you’ll see the condition listed there below the price.

Hope that helps.