Dell Mystery 11" 2-in-1 Convertible Notebook

Dell Mystery 11" 2-in-1 Convertible Notebook

I hope with the low quantity that was sold that the chances of getting a good one are still true… We ordered a total of 3 of them and it seems you sold about 18? Or 36?

Prepare for disappointment X 3!

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I would rather touch myself then these.


Haha probably… We ordered them for specific uses.

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Well the first one came in, and its a Red Dell A6 with 32gb hard drive and 4gb DD4 ram.

Sticker says refurbished but it looks new.

The other two arrived and they are all the same models with all the same specs, I kinda feel like that’s all they had sold lol.

Or in the case of open box, that’s the ones the people returned for some reason. Maybe they don’t like red.

No I mean that I hope for this sale they still had the same items left, I assume it was a relisted sale that did not sell out in the past.

I also noticed today when I am looking to fix an issue with it not wanting to turn on all the time that the 1 year warranty is listed as started on 06 MAR 2019.

Warranty: Expires 04 JUN 2020

How do I go about getting warranty support after June since it states we get a 1 year warranty from Dell?