Dell Mystery 11" 2-in-1 Convertible Notebooks

Dell Mystery 11" 2-in-1 Convertible Notebooks

Wow, odds are clearly marked.

I guess Woot is complying with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo’s requirements for loot boxes, but with Physical Loot Boxes.


Still not biting though… have too much crap already and don’t need to risk $168.99 on a computer that I don’t need.


40% of Customers will get better than 32GB eMMC; Either 128GB SSDs or 500GB HDDs

So 60% won’t, and will end up with just 32gb – which will not be good the moment W10 decides to do some big update.


If you are a crap shooter, then this is for you. Gambling that you will be the lucky to be one of the 40% of Customers who will get better than 32GB eMMC; Either 128GB SSDs or 500GB HDDs and the 25% who end up with a grade A refurb. Then again I suppose there is no gamble if you can return it?

Good point… :confused: I need a ‘carry around in my purse disseration research and writing’ laptop… really considering it… scary and exciting all at once!

Yeah, the 2GB / 32G eMMC ones are just not capable of running WIndows well. Also as noted earlier, Microsoft had this huge issue where it required 10+GB of free space for each major update, and the ones with 32GB just can’t do that. There were ways to get around this with external storage, or loading from a WIndows image on a USB stick, but I wasted HOURs trying to repeatedly rescue a crap Dell 13" (not 2-in-1) I bought at BB at a “deal” of $149 but it wasn’t worth all the lost time and frustration. Worst thing was that one actually had an empty hard-drive slot in the chassis, BUT, no connector soldered-in the board, so it was useless.

If you like playing around with crappy low-end computers and also like gambling, I’d recommend this deal. Otherwise, um, no.

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$142 on the Dell web site

BOC - Bag of Computer. Pays your money and takes your chances… :wink:


I get the crap shoot nature of this offer, but I still don’t get how they’re “covertible”? What does one have to do to these to convert them to covert?

Flip the screen all the way back and it automagically disables the keyboard and trackpad to behave like a tablet.

But how does that make them covert? Again, the “-ible” on the end of “covertible” implies that these are overt when you receive them, but they can be converted to covert. How is that done?

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Looks like we ran out of room so we sacrificed the “n”. It was a noble “n” and understood the greater need of a fully explanatory title.

Also good for conversation.



Its sacrifice will not be forgotte.


Even if I’m one of the 60%; will this be acceptable for web browsing and photo storage only? I want to backup my iPhone pictures and create some calendars, mugs etc for family and don’t want to load all my pics on my work computer which is all I have now.


These might be better than using a Kindle tablet…

I might have to consider.

If Kindle is your baseline, you’re better off with this:

Granted I don’t like Surface much, but definitely better.
My go to for surfing is Chromebook.

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This right here says no, you will probably not be happy with this.

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I was just looking for a 2in1. I don’t have the luck to chance this, however. I would be the one to get the crap specs and the person after me will luck out.

ope ot ow.

I am hopeful for something good - my foster son enters the 12th grade this year and he could really use a computer for school.