Dell Mystery 17.3" AMD Ryzen Notebook

Dell Mystery 17.3" AMD Ryzen Notebook

Walmarts gaming laptops are on clearance today. Tons of amazing deals, especially compared to a $400 refurb notebook with a mobile grade processor. Your Milage May Vary. Use Brickseek to check Walmart inventories by price based on your zip code. Find one one sale you want. The Omen 17" is nice especially with a SSD and 1660 GTX for $799, especially when Woot charged more for the same laptop without a SSD, worse graphics card (580) and the old power adapter… oh and it was refurbished where Walmart is giving it to you new with full warranty, plus 90 day return policy.

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Almost everyone is getting a 1TB Hard Drive; a lucky few (8%) will get a 2TB Hard Drive.

But 0% chance of a SSD, right?

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I’d like to hear what other people have gotten when they bought previous mystery computer deals.

This is the first time offering these Ryzen based laptops, but I would expect the product mix to be as stated in the description.

What is the return policy for this mystery notebook?

Man Amazon will do anything to get rid of crap.


I bought one of the 1st mystery convertibles last month. AMD is what showed up. Dell. OK its what it is. Its still working, but would I do it again? I like taking a chance. But this offer was stale at best. No. I would not. Fun, but not for 200 bucks with shipping and tax.


17.3’’ display but only a 1600 x 900 resolution? That’ll be a NO from me.


I mean, buying a 17" notebook in general is a fail.


Buying a 17" notebook in general is a fail…

When you have old eyes, a 17" screen is much easier to see than a 12" screen w/o fatigue.

That said, I much prefer notebooks w/ tenkeyless keyboards, so “NOPE” from me this time.

Some of us actually need the screen real estate and prefer 17"

I’m a photographer and work in IT, so often need the extra room for editing photos and coding etc when I am on the road. Carting around the extra few inches in my briefcase isn’t exactly a hardship.

But, the resolution on this screen is laughable and pretty much negates the utility of the larger screen for me on these ones.

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A lucky few will receive an expansion for cards against humanity instead of a laptop. I mean really, do you actually want a laptop? nah, didn’t think so


Exactly how large do you think is the intersection between those in the market for a refurb Ryzen laptop and those who catch this reference?

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Yes, when I saw chance of NOT getting a x1080, I figured we’d get something BETTER!

But I do remember 1600x900 was really popular around the year 2010. Assuming these are recent (and the Ryzen brand is not that old), they either found old stock, or just decided to make a super-budget laptop. Honestly I think a lot of people won’t buy just because of the risk of getting one of those. Percentage seems small enough they should have tossed them in to some other BoCs or something. If assured of at least 1080, probably be a bit more buyers, but $400 can get you some fairly good deals at Dell Outlet, other sites, or even this exact site, where I got a nice Dell Latitude a few weeks ago for a similar price.

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Correct. No SSDs in this batch. But SSDs are plentiful and cheap if someone wanted to make an upgrade down the line.

We typically get rid of Amazon crap on our Clearance site. This is good ol’ crap from outside suppliers needing to free up warehouse space for the holidays.

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I heard Linus tech tips mention Ryzen processors, so it must be good stuff.
Different brand, but touchscreen and lower price for same minimum specs, right?

Different warranty too; the HP is 90 days, this Dell is for one year.