Dell Optiplex 3020 SFF 480GB Desktop

Dell Optiplex 3020 SFF 480GB Desktop

Dude, I already have a Dell.

SFF = Small Fun Factor

I like that.

This isn’t a bad deal if you’ve ever thought about having a dedicated media/Plex server running, for the price. Win Pro means you can run it headless (no monitor, keyboard, etc) and just control it over remote desktop. It’s what I do with my server. This is probably more than enough to cover streaming to the devices in your home or even remotely to your phone or whatever.

That’s probably the only reason I’d buy this, personally, unless you really just need a basic computer for web browsing and email and shit. Most prebuilts are a lot more than it’d cost you to build an equiv machine yourself, but this one isn’t too far off.

Wait, you use a computer to shit?


…mostly harmless.

Precisely what I do as well

You remotely access @Extremity’s server?

  • Windows 10 Professional makes the things you do every day easier
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And here my gramma always recommended fiber.


Maybe she was talking about google fiber?


Could be. My gramma was one smart lady.


i like it