Dell Optiplex 3040 Intel i5 1TB MT Desktop

So I just deployed 15 of these for a local non profit.

Ours DID NOT come with an SVGA port, which was a pain, but otherwise were really nice machines!

We paired one with a beefier video card, 16GB RAM, and as SSD, and it is a BEAST. Stupid fast. It rips through their adobe video and image tasks like nothing.

This case is a clam shell style, it splits then pry’s open, and you have to take the plastic bezel off the front first or you will break things. For some folks this is a really good PC. For our needs at the NPO they are great machines, run Windows 10 perfectly, and are very reliable. They also have TPMs.

If you like to tinker, go into it knowing this is a enterprise grade machine. So very tough, and lots of neat features, but you CAN screw things up. :wink: