Dell OptiPlex 5055 SFF 32GB RAM Desktop

Dell OptiPlex 5055 SFF 32GB RAM Desktop

Just received it and so I’ll likely be updating this review in a few days. Just wanted to say that right outbof the box it has the odor of burnt electronics. It may just be from refurbishment work, but never a good beginning to a box opening.

Update 2/10
So far so good. It’s certainly zippy compared to what i had before. Not looking to game heavy here, just for Fantasy Grounds.

The keyboard and mouse it came with are likely going into the donate box. They’re very cheapy plasticy feel. But hey, they came with the rig so I’ll hang onto them for a bit longer.

Dual display ports are great. But I’ll likely upgrade to a dedicated graphics card in the near future, and maybe even upgrade the chip to a Ryzen 7 and have a decent rig to play with for the next few years.

Mind you my previous desktop was from 2010, was a good Windows 7 system, but is now dead :sweat_smile:.

Will update if anything else comes up.