Dell Optiplex 7010 250GB SFF Desktop

Dell Optiplex 7010 250GB SFF Desktop

I bought one of these (dell optiplex 7010).

Contrary to the specs, mine came with a hard disk drive (Seagate ST250DM000-1BD141), not a solid state. I contacted woot about this and they offered a full refund, or to check if an SSD could be found for it, or a $40 partial refund.

I was happy to take the $40 partial refund. I was very pleased with the process. I know that sometimes on refurbs - the machine isn’t 100% up to spec, but woot made it right, no questions asked.

Also, it came with a DVD drive (specs said no optical) - so that was nice.

All in all, the machine was in good working order. The rest of the machine checked out hardware wise. The windows 10 pro license had to be activated (number on the case), but activated easily.

For the money, I feel like I got a bargain. Going to use the PC to be my “tv” - with the $40 refund (and a little extra money) - going to drop a better performing graphics card into the machine, nothing fancy - just something to make streaming video more smooth.

I was very pleased with the service from woot - I discovered the discrepncy at 10:30am and submitted a form to them. I heard back with my options at 3pm that same day, responded to them an hour later and by 9pm that night - they had issued the partial refund.


^^ The comment above exactly matches my experience.

The main harddrive was not an SSD, just a regular old SLOW spinny 250GB Seagate. There are only two expansion slots, not four as mentioned in the description. And, of course the “bonus” DVD-rw drive in front.

Woot promptly refunded me $40 after I pointed out that a replacement SSD would be approximately that much to purchase.

I also agree with the tkyte: a functional PC with an activated Windows 10 Pro license for $160, ain’t too shabby. I dug around in my components box and found a 250GB SSD, and enough ram to upgrade to 16GB total. The SSD makes a 1000% difference Windows 10 boot time.