Dell Optiplex 7010 SFF Desktop

Dell Optiplex 7010 SFF Desktop

windows 7???


Haha this is funny. I am on one of these computers right now at work. It’s about 8 years old. It can run Windows 10 but you definitely want to add ram and switch it to SSD. Im running Windows 7 with 8 gig of ram and runs dog slow. Not worth the money.

You really want an 8GB+ system, but…

which points people to…

I have a Dell 9020 purchased earlier this year from Dell Refurbished (check out the discount codes) which came with Windows 7 Pro. Did the USB installer download. Ran setup and about 30 minutes later it had a legally activated Windows 10 Pro. Did not ask for activation key. This was an upgrade install, not a clean install.

Of course there is no guarantee it will still work, but there it is.

  1. It already has an SSD.
  2. If your 3rd gen i5 CPU with SSD/8 GB RAM/Windows 7 is running “dog slow” then there is a problem with your configuration. We have a couple PCs with that spec (Windows 10) and they run everyday stuff like MS Office, email, browsing, and basic photo editing perfectly fine, even snappy. Perhaps try a clean install.
  3. Taking it up to 8GB of RAM from 4 GB is probably a good idea tho. Especially if you want to have more than a few tabs open in resource-hog Chrome.
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Yah, from what I’ve read, this is completely legal. Apparently Microsoft wants to encourage getting folks off 7 and onto 10… by wink, wink, not shutting off the 7/8 to 10 update service.

Would this be any good for MAME without spending another $200 on upgrades?

We have 9010’s at work… which are at the “tail end” of their lifecycle (higher ed). We give faculty & staff new computers after four years, then recycle the older computers for internal use by adjuncts and GAs. Right now we’re replacing 9020s with 7050s and (soon to be) 7060s running W10. As far as loading an OS goes, I think W10 on 7010s should be… okay. You’d definitely want a minimum of 8 GB of RAM and an SSD. There’s only room for one 3.5" drive in these suckers. Make it a fast one!

Not the same processor or RAM, but I’m running a 5+ year old 7010 with i7-3770, 16G RAM and an SSD on Win 10 and it’s like butter. Add some RAM, and an SSD and this would be a pretty respectable machine.

10/100 Ethernet? Hard pass, homie.

FWIW I picked up an Optiplex 390 with a 2nd generation i3 and 4 GB RAM (no HDD) my office was selling. It has GigE. Cost: $5.

That has to be a typo. All the 7010s have GigE.

Except this one, apparently :wink: I don’t buy from listings that have incorrect specs, anyway. If the seller can’t get that simple stuff right I don’t even want to think about what else they could be getting wrong.

We had hundreds of the Optiplex 990 and these 7010 models at my work.

I’d recon about 70% of the 990 units had power supply failures, the 7010 models maybe 50%.
990/7010 use same powersupply. We run then 24x7 for mostly office relate and other apps.

But that said, with a SSD and 8GB of ram, the 7010 are about as quick as our newer 7040 units (which have SSD).

Air in take fan is a problem on these units also… but fan and PSU are cheap fixes.

Typo in the description, it’s a 10/100/1000 ethernet adapter.