Dell Optiplex 7010 SFF Desktops

Dell Optiplex 7010 SFF Desktops

I have three of these, and with a 3rd gen i5, they work adequately for most things. Acquired from a local swap meet, I paid the same for HP ProDesk 4570 (4th gen i5) units with extra drive bays and PCI-e slots. This unit has all USB 2.0, but you can install a low-profile USB 3.0 adapter along with an improved graphics adapter. The units have VGA and display port native.

You’ll have no problem adding a 3.5" hard drive in addition to the SSD in comes with here.

Same system on the Bay for around 100 bucks with 500Gb or 1TB hard drive. Add 20 bucks for a 120 GB SSD and you’re still coming out less than half this…

I have two of the Mini tower versions of these in my house, one for the kids and one for me. both have extras like better graphics and better sound. one has dual outputs of a monitor and projector and the Audio Upgrade was for Optical out to a Home theater. I picked Up the towers with No Hard Drives or Memory from my local University Surplus store though. Decent computers.

One of our PC’s has nearly identical key hardware, including the third gen i5 CPU. It performs perfectly snappy for all around use. Feeling no need whatsoever to replace it… except for perhaps bumping the RAM to 16 GB.

The key with business grade (easy to maintain/repair) off lease PC’s like these is the reputation of the refurber. Prefer to do them locally so swapping out a lemon is easy. These units appear to be overpriced by at least $50+ tho, especially considering the return/swap hassle.

Note 120 SSDs can now be had for less than $30.

Note also, there is very little upgrade space inside these small form factor Dells.