Dell Optiplex 7020 8GB DDR3 SFF Desktop

Several of these Dell factory-reconditioned desktops are listed as including built-in 802.11 wireless and Bluetooth. From my experience in ordering one of the small form-factor 7020’s from Woot a couple or 3 weeks ago, I’m not at all confident that the descriptions on those items are correct.

Could the staff please have someone go through each one of these, and confirm (or deny and correct) the presence or absence of these features?

That being said, these Dell factory-reconditioned desktops are a great value, especially considering the included Dell factory warranty of 1 or 3 years, depending on the model. Other brands of factory-reconditioned offerings here at Woot (pretty much all except Dell) sure don’t inspire much confidence in the quality of their refurbishing process when they only offer a 30- or 90-day warranty.