Dell Optiplex 7020 Intel i5 SFF Desktop

Just a word of warning-- I just ordered and received this Optiplex 7020 to set up for some friends. While I’m sure it will live up to all expectations (Dell factory re-conditioned, 3-year Dell warranty, reliability of the Optiplex line), be aware…

This PC does NOT… I repeat, NOT include 802.11n wireless network adapter that w00t! lists in the description and specifications. Neither does it include any semblance of Bluetooth.

Not that it’s enough to make me feel like returning it, but I’m pretty disappointed in w00t! for missing that. Luckily, neither of those features is critical to this PC’s intended use.

Hi there. Sorry about the missing stuff.

Please make sure you contact our CS to let them know. We need to track this information.

Also, contact Dell. This is factory reconditioned with a Dell warranty.

Thanks, TT. I was assuming that this was just an oversight by the Woot copy writers when they typed the description (maybe a copy/paste error), rather than something actually missing from the PC’s hardware or capabilities.

I’ll check with CS to see if they can track down whether or not there’s supposed to be wireless and/or Bluetooth.

Just after sending Woot CS a note, it looks like the specs have been corrected to show no wireless or Bluetooth. Of course, this particular one is sold out, so the Woot is moot…

I emailed the Computers’ team to check on it. I guess they fixed the sale.