Dell OptiPlex 760 160GB SATA Desktop

Dell OptiPlex 760 160GB SATA Desktop
Price: $99.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Pretty much worth if for the OS, everything else is a bonus.

Time to learn all about the processor

I run a fleet of these at work and they’re reliable as anvils. Chuck an SSD in it they’ll hang with much newer machines.

I would call these antiques, but they are still somewhat useful.

I would think these would make decent HTPC’s. You’d have to throw a cheap HDMI output video card in it, I’d bet, but…

We use this model for a majority of our libraries out here. They run okay but I personally wouldn’t recommend them, unless it was just for the OS. They might work well for someone who just uses this to browse the web, check their email, etc…

Specs indicate 2gig of RAM with 4 slots; anyone know if this is one 2gig stick or two 1gig sticks (or even 4x512 sticks)?? Thx!

The motherboards on these machines tend to have swelling capacitor problems i would really recommend against these for anyone intending. I have had two of these machines i used as HTPC units in bedrooms both exhibited the same problem in about a years time. They also in addition tend to use shoddy PSU’s that cause all kinds of issues on their own including random Shutdowns reboots the like.

Here is one of hundreds of threads about these machines on the dell forums from people who have purchased 2-200 of these.

CPU Benchmarks

This could be a decent mediacenter, with a few tweaks. Will need at least 4gb ram. This will cost $20-$40 depending on the current configuration of RAM. I would add a videocard $35-$60 because the onboard GMA is too dated. A 120GB SSD (for the OS and programs) for about $50-$60. I would use the eSATA to hook up an external drive for content and recording, use a bare spare HD and one of these $23 docks


The hardware itself is reliable, we have tons of these still ticking away at work doing science-type-stuff with people who never power them down or let them rest.

When buying this, think of max memory and an SSD as required upgrades. A graphics card is not totally necessary but is good to have. It’ll work just fine.

Wow, I can’t believe they still hadn’t fixed that by the time these rolled around. We made Dell come in and replace hundreds of motherboards in the Gx260 -> Gx280s we had deployed at our company. At least I think it was up to the 280s…been a while since I thought about it.

Same here… Tons of 760’s. We have upgraded all ours to 4GB RAM and are this year replacing all the drives with SSD’s and fresh images. They are solid.

On a side note: I am glad these are finally seeing a more realistic price for these. $140-150 is WAY too much. $99? That’s about what I sell them for when these C2D class computers get retired.

They’re still solid good machines.

Like web browsing and word documents need anything else? LOL

As these are refurbished, it could vary from computer to computer.

Can confirm - I get these from campus surplus with full memory, throw in a 120Gb SSD, use the VGA port and they’re great for students in the lab to do the usual things with (compiler, write up data, some graphics work etc.). If they get screwed up (as only students can do) I’m out the cost of the drive and the annoyance of getting them off inventory. So far so good.

Plenty fast with the SSD and don’t take up a lot of bench space. If you need a “workbench computer” you could do a lot worse.

I was running OpenELEC on one with a generic Radeon video card with HDMI for years. Worked great, I just pulled it recently as I’m running all Roku 3’s with Plex now… They’re low power, have a smallish footprint and more than enough power for an HTPC.