Dell OptiPlex 760 160GB SATA Desktop

Dell OptiPlex 760 160GB SATA Desktop
Price: $99.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Time to learn all about the processor

As a former Dell Technician, I’ll say the Optiplex line is one of the easiest to maintain and repair, and they’re fairly solid performers. Most of these models are used by governments of various localities, and they can last through some serious abuse.

A word of caution to those who grab the Optiplex line, the fans are trash. There really is no winning with the fans that Dell uses (Though not quite as terrible as HP’s from time to time) and proactive care and maintenance will really get you the most bang for your buck. This would be the perfect computer to set up in the garage, for kids to play various little games on (Put it in a sturdy enclosure if you decide to go that route) or a kitchen computer just for looking up recipes and watching Youtube videos.

what type of memory and how much can the processor handle. anyone?

4gigs and I recommend that upgrade as a starter, add SMS for a little more bang for your buck.

Disagree. 4gb is the ultra-SFF, this is a 4-slot machine (desktop), which means it’s 8gb. PC2-6400 to answer the original question fully.

Do we know if this computer was refurbished by Dell, or by one of those “Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers”?

The refurb companies buy these from corporations and government agencies at nearly a dime a dozen. What you’re actually paying for is the quality of the refurbishment. If you get a product from a good refurb company you’re getting a good deal, if you get a product from a crappy one you’re rolling the dice.

It’s about time these are finally hitting their true price point… still needs to come down a little more.

We have a lot of these at work, amongst many other Optiplex models of this vintage. The only issues we’ve really had with any of them is the PSU, but that’s only been a handful of the total amount we have.

We upgraded all of ours to 4GB RAM and put SSDs in them along with Win7 for our users. They’re about as fast as the new ones for general/basic work for most users with this combo.

I’d definitely want to upgrade this to 4GB ram. Any idea what ram configuration it comes with? Hopefully not 4 512mb modules…

If your thinking of using this to look up recipes in the kitchen, forget about it. Get a Tablet. Add the flat screen and your taking up a significant amount of counter space. For a few dollars you can buy an detachable cradle that snaps in place just under your kitchen cabinets and will hold your Tablet or recipe book. You will not use any counter space at all. I have this set up at home.

Would this be a good system for running presentation software like FreeWorship. OpenLP or VideoPsalm?

I could only find these system requirements and it’s for OpenLP

2Ghz CPU
100MB free disk space
Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7, Linux, Mac OS X (10.5 or 10.6), Free BSD
Multiple Monitor Support is highly recommended (not required)

The one thing I’m not sure of is the two display option on this. It says VGA and DisplayPort. Our church projector is running on HDMI. Is there such a thing as HDMI to DisplayPort or VGA to HDMI?

Was thinking of getting one of these and putting a TV tuner card I had in it and an upgraded video card I also have (would that be easy to add). …to use it as my DVR. Not much of a hard drive but I don’t save shows - generally watch them with 2 days and delete. Thoughts on this?

Based on those specs, this will work fine. You can use a cable like this to go from Display port to HDMI:®-Quality-Black-DisplayPort-Cable/dp/B002CSRF9M


I am wondering if this would be a good computer to hook up to a TV. It will be used to stream Netflix/MLB/etc. The reason that this seems like a better option than a Roku stick is that I can use this as an occasional DVD player but more importantly can play movies that I have on a hard drive. Is this the most sensible solution? I know nothing about TV setups so I don’t know if there is a easier way to play movies off of an existing HD but for $99, this seems like a pretty simple solution.


Ok, so this PC has Win7 Pro x64. Would a refurb like this come with the Windows key code sticker somewhere on the case like a new PC? I actually could use that.

Woot you need to clarify something. The picture is of the Optiplex 760 SFF (small form factor). But all your specs got to the Optiplex 760 desktop. Which one are you actually selling?

Windows 7 computers include the certificate of authentication sticker.

FYI: Windows is licensed to the computer, not the person.


The picture is of the desktop. On your link, look at the optical drive size, the gap between the USB & headphone jack, the grill on the front, etc.