Dell Optiplex 790 Intel Core i3 SFF Desktops

The text says DVD-ROM yet the image shows a RW logo on the optical drive.

So what is it, ROM or RW?

I tried to get information about this model from Dell, but they say that model is from 2011 and they don’t have information.

Is this machine really 6 years old?

edit: Machine arrived today. The optical drive is DVD RW! It can read and burn DVD and CD media.

Is there an HDMI port?

The ports are listed in the specs. It has DisplayPort. You can purchase DisplayPort to HDMI adapter.

4 2 gig ram or 2 4 gig ram?

It can vary from unit to unit.

Has anyone else purchased one of these? I purchased one, I tried to activate Windows, and got a message that I didn’t have a valid product key. I called Dell, I was told this computer does not support Windows 10. They also said it was originally shipped with Windows 7, five years ago. I am assuming this was not refurbished by Dell.

Correct. The warranty is by

Contact them and they’ll help you out.