Dell Optiplex 790 Intel Core i5 SFF Desktop

This is the exact desktop computer that I ordered from Woot the last time around - unfortunately they sent me the wrong unit (with a downgraded processor) and didn’t have any remaining in stock to make an exchange so I had to accept a refund. Interesting that when I paid for it the money came out of my account immediately, but when they authorized the refund it took six days to get put back…

Since I was in need, I had to purchase one from another authorized refurbisher online. This price is about average for a Dell Optiplex 790 SFF with these specs, but Woot was my first choice because of their excellent customer service, and I’ve purchased other items (including computers) from them before. However, it does pay to shop around because the one I picked up for the same price also came with a 1gb PCIe x16 ATI Radeon graphics card which I prefer instead of the integrated graphics.

The small form factor (SFF) is an excellent system and a mainstay for corporate and business environments. I needed something that would save space and run quietly, but would also have the ability to accept PCIe expansion cards - this unit has two PCIe slots that use a half-height bracket which are very easily found. Ultra-SFF (USFF) don’t have the space for these expansion cards just in case you need to know. Since these units do not come with an integrated fax modem (and I needed one), $8 on eBay bought me one that fit and worked perfectly.

There are two nearly identical Optiplex 790’s here on Woot for the same price. The specs are identical in all regards except for one uses a slimline DVD burner (from a laptop) and the other uses a standard sized DVD burner from a desktop. Both work exactly the same so the difference is unimportant (motorized vs. non-motorized tray). I prefer the slimline one, as the DVDs clip onto the hub and are easier to use when vertical.

Overall these systems are very good. I’m sorry that I couldn’t accept the one Woot sent to me but that in no way affects my opinion of the machine itself. For me, somebody in the warehouse just had a bad day but it all worked out in the end.