Dell Optiplex 790 Intel Core i5 SFF Desktop

Dell Optiplex 790 Intel Core i5 SFF Desktop

Understanding that this was listed as “Open Box” my expectations were reasonable but not too high. However, once I received this, my expectations went into the toilet. First, the case looks like it was kicked around under someones desk for years, then upon opening the case, I found the dust and dirt that used to live under said desk. It was apparent that this was not cleaned out, and more than a “Open Box”. The Windows Key that came with it was labeled as “Refurb”. To add insult to injury the keyboard that was included is missing a leg and has a crack on the bottom of it.

If it had been listed as strictly “Refurbished”, then meh, I might be a little more understanding. Still, the computer should have been cleaned out, at the very least. The description that was listed on the sale page is:
The units in this sale are being sold as open box condition. That means that they have been opened due to being a photo sample, a tested good customer return or having damaged packaging. Some non-essential items may be missing from the box. The unit may not be shipped in retail packaging. That is the reason for the reduced sale price and the reduced warranty.

No where does it mention used as a foot rest or kicking post.

I bought this unit because I trusted Woot and I needed a machine. That trust is in limbo and I still need a machine. I did load the machine and have it running, ONLY cause I needed one now.

I am disappointed to say the least. I will be hard pressed to purchase anything listed as “Open Box” off of here again.

I’m sorry about the disappointment. It probably should have been in better condition. Please reach out to Woot Customer Service. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

It sounds like you ended up with a unit that was “off-lease” and mislabeled. I’ve seen that with Dell as well as HP items in the past. At least you didn’t end up with one full of tiny German cockroaches that a former employee of mine got! The other reply here put you in the right direction. Woot CS has been awesome.

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