Dell Optiplex 790 Intel Core i7 SFF Desktop

Can anyone confirm Windows 10 will run on this computer? Dell’s website says that it has not tested…nor will develop drivers for Windows 10 on this model:

We don’t have a solid answer on the Win10 upgrade for this one, either. Sorry. :confused:

Also can this unit be upgraded w/USB3.0? (Powerful unit but needs help in allowing users to maximize the power and speed.)

Regarding Win 10 it should be a snap. Any computer that runs Vista or later can handle it and it will be a huge improvement. I have upgraded 13 systems the oldest being a Core 2 Duo Alienware M17x (pre Dell) laptop from 2009 and it runs like a charm.

A friend has 2 PC’s that have older processors. An i5 750 and i5 2400. Both are running Windows 10. One of them is a Dell Optiplex 790 descktop.
This Woot system has a 64 bit OS on it already, so you should have no problem. BTW, Windows 10 setup has a CPU feature that checks to install. If it’s not enabled the checks fail.!

Anyone know how hard it would be to add a wireless card to this and if so what one?

Bought 4 of these computers. 3 of 4 had a bad HD. thanks woot!!!

ASUS usb n10 will work fine. any wireless add-on really.