Dell Optiplex 790 Intel i5 Quad-Core SFF Desktop

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Dell Optiplex 790 Intel i5 Quad-Core SFF Desktop
Price: $279.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. (Wednesday, Nov 22 to Monday, Nov 27) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Does this unit have a DVD-RW drive? The picture shows one but the description text says only DVD-ROM.
Please clarify. Thank you.

An i5-2400 is quite old. Not sure I’d recommend this age of a machine.

It’s old, but still has a passmark of 5917 which is pretty respectable (even by today’s standards). Not the most energy efficient CPU, but since this a desktop and not a laptop energy efficiency isn’t as prioritized. This has an SSD which will also help with the speed. This would make for a great work station, add a cheap half-height videocard and you could use it as a mediacenter. I have shuttle sysytem that is almost identical in these specs 8GB RAM, I5-2400, SSD for the OS and it handles everything, even video rendering. This deal is about $30-$40 more than it should be though to make it woot-worthy in my opinion.

Agree. This is a decent “bargain pc” to start with and a fine workstation for general purposes as is.

I may get a couple for the office. As old as it is, it will still be an upgrade from several we are using now.

Overall EXCELLENT deal! Application- Non Gaming- Higher End Home PC (One, >24inch Monitor)

  • CPU adequate for 95% of applications unless doing gaming/hard core graphics (but this would not be even in discussion).
  • SSD required and size is >than most (120GB)
  • *** 2 TB Hard Drive (external backup is >$75 on Newegg)

Go compare…

And yeh- tell me you will realize ANY user benefit with a i5 3rd over 2nd. Need to be 5th and above, but now your at >$500 for equivalent.

Actually, for the price this is a pretty decent deal for somebody looking for a system to do basic computing, run an office suite, internet etc.

In fact, for around 100 clams you could add a USB 3.0 card and a low profile graphics card and have a great little home theatre PC with very fast external storage capability and decent graphics HDMI output.

Although adding memory could get expensive pretty quick so I wouldn’t consider it for Photoshop type applications. But the CPU, Motherboard, Memory and SSD drive are all solid state and probably have a good bit of life left in them. I have a Core I3 unit that I built from this same era that has been running strong as my HTPC for over 6 years and I don’t expect to have to replace it anytime soon.

Hey there, for these, we have to use stock photos of the item and unfortunately, this one included the RW logo. It only comes with a DVD ROM. Please always go by the specs. We included a caption on the image as well explaining this.

Can anybody tell me what’s the highest resolution this can support as is? Thanks.

Reportedly it SUPPORTS up to 2560x1600 but I would bet it doesn’t do that well.

Interesting. When I bought one of these (previous woot) in September for the exact same price, it came with an RW drive.

I’m perfectly happy with it as my main desktop machine that I use all day long, btw.

Please note that this model is not supported for Windows 10 by Dell. With the large updates Microsoft keeps putting out, it is only a matter of time before it breaks something.

I bought a refurb Dell 790 SFF with these specs a while back. It still has the property tag on it from the university library where it was first used. These are great machines - solid construction, easy to upgrade and replace parts, expandable to a certain degree. Not a powerhouse but great for 95% of whatever I could want to do.

As for upgrading, it uses a slimline optical drive and you can buy a new one (DVD-RW, etc.) for around $12 brand new - takes all of about 5 minutes to swap out due to the modular design.

It’s also easy to max out the RAM - you can purchase recycled or ‘system pull’ RAM on the cheap and drop at least 16GB into it. Since it already has an SSD there is no need to spend money on that, although the prices are dropping and you can easily pop in a 500GB SSD for a reasonable price if you want. Another few dollars for a half-height video card and/or a USB 3.0 card (if you want either) and this machine can easily have much of whatever you think you may need or want. Since I have to use wi-fi I sprung for a USB network adapter with AC specs and it is blistering fast.

Oh, and it does work very well with Windows 10. I’ve been running Win 10 ever since it was first offered to the public with absolutely no issues. Plus the most recent BIOS update is available online from Dell support.

You can get these from all day long - they were very popular as lease equipment and even after several years will still have a lot of life left in them.

Seems like a decent machine for the price, as long as you’re not using it for PC gaming. The half height PCI Express slots and puny power supply really hurt your video card upgrade options, too.


Although I ordered my TWO PCs on 11-17, they didn’t ship until 11-20 and will not deliver until 11-24 or later.

However, a co-worker ordered one at the same time and his is already out for delivery! WTF???

We have inventory in various locations. Could be they’re shipping from different warehouses or vendors.


Both of mine came with DVD-RW in them.
Almost makes up for the mouse being broken.