Dell Optiplex 9020 Intel i7 SFF Desktop

Dell Optiplex 9020 Intel i7 SFF Desktop

Could this be turned into a good gaming computer if I added a graphics card?

Some might disagree, but I would say no not really. The pros are the processor and 16 GB’s RAM are pretty decent for this price point. The cons are the power supply is only 250 Watts and the case is a pretty small form factor so most Graphics Cards probably wouldnt fit in the case. Im sure there are some graphics cards that could run off this weak power supply and are small enough that might fit OK. I guess it really just depends how you define “good gaming computer”. Wont be anywhere near cutting edge with any graphics card that can run off this weak power supply.


We’ve got several similar Optiplex systems at work, and even if you find a graphics card that fits in the half-height card slot, my experience is that you’re likely to run into problems with the power supply. We had one user who wanted to support three monitors, so I installed a pretty low-end graphics card, but it made the system start locking up pretty frequently. We ended up shifting that computer elsewhere and getting a larger desktop with a beefier power supply.

One thing that is odd with the specs listed here is that only a VGA port is listed for video output. Most of the Optiplex SFF systems I’ve seen have at least one DisplayPort output, and most of the images of the back of the 9020 I’ve found elsewhere show 2 DP connections. I don’t know if the specs might be wrong or if this is just a different model from what I’m finding. It still wouldn’t be a good gaming system, but if this had 2 DP outputs, it might be a decent general-purpose PC.

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Can someone from Woot! confirm whether or not this has only 1 video port (VGA)?


Specs say also has 2 displayports which you can easily adapt to dvi or hdmi, if needed.

Hi! Thanks for the question. We’ve updated the specs to:

​(1) VGA

(2) DisplayPort

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