Dell Optiplex 9020 Intel Micro Desktops

Dell Optiplex 9020 Intel Micro Desktops

I think my latest HDD buy was bigger than this computer. YIKES.

A quick search for an external 3.5" WD says 5.5 x 1.9 x 6.7, so a pretty close!

“Video Ports: DisplayPort, VGA”

So, this does not support HDMI.

DisplayPort covers HDMI, DVI, and VGA.


There are DisolayPort to HDMI adapters. More computer manufacturers are moving to DP because HDMI charges a licensing fee.


Most nicer monitors support DisplayPort anyway. And even if your monitor doesn’t support DisplayPort, you just buy a DisplayPort-to-HDMI cable for the same price as an HDMI-to-HDMI cable. Here is an example:

One of the cool/important features of DisplayPort is that you can daisy chain DisplayPort monitors together (if your monitor supports it). So that one DisplayPort is potentially multiple monitors. (You’re not going to daisy chain multiple 4K monitors, but you can daisy chain multiple 1080p monitors.)


I don’t see an option for selecting whether I want the coffee cup or the pencil cup with my computer.


Processor info for i5

Regarding two things people always complain about on these.

  1. Yes, no HDMI. DisplayPort is more flexible as mentioned in earlier posts and a $3 cable makes it HDMI. Most commercial/professional use went directly from VGA to DisplayPort. HDMI was for “consumer” devices. These were made for corporate use.
  2. These were made for wired Gigabit company networks. So, no built-in wireless.

My warning on this is that it is a fairly-old generation CPU (2013, retired 2017). It is 22nm, meaning more heat and power use. In a small case like this, that’s a lot of power and heat to be dissipated. Personally I would opt for a larger “box” (like some of the servers recently offered for a similar price), or in a mini, go for a newer model with an efficient mobile CPU.


Haha, ironically, are any of those companies still in PCs in any meaningful way?

at surface level, this seems like a great minecraft machine, or media server for my living room.

If you’re seriously considering these PCs, you’re likely a frugal individual looking for a non-gaming PC that will yield several years of productive general Internet and perhaps Office functionality.


  1. Dell Optiplex PCs are business-grade, generally solid, and more serviceable than consumer PCs. They tend to be bullet-proof.

  2. When buying refurbished PCs, confidence is improved when buying from a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher. (That the Windows license is authentic for one thing.). This supplier is on the current list.

  3. The credibility of the supplier matters - so that if you happen to get a lemon, it is easy to swap out the PC without hassle or cost on your part. I don’t know the reputation of CNB. But the one year warranty helps. Don’t let this PC sit in the box after it arrives. Immediately use it heavily and leave it on without sleeping for several days to validate you got a good one.

  4. The price step to get into an i5 cpu is probably worth it if you wish to use the PC for several years. Don’t shy away from a 4th generation i5 like this - it will serve most folks well, especially with 16GB of ram if you use the memory hog Chrome browser.

  5. That tiny form factor box - if you don’t need it to be that small, it is a compromise. It is basically a laptop without the keyboard and display. Even the power supply is external with a wart in the middle of the cord. That means this PC is less serviceable, less upgradeable, and runs hotter vs a larger case Optiplex.

  6. Price - seems just a bit high but do some comparisons. For example, a brand new consumer-grade i5 PC can be had for $400-500.


Probably not! And Sony exited the PC market completely in 2014.

OTOH, the performance is still more than sufficient for most tasks nowadays. Less power consumption for current processors, sure, but these aren’t the space heaters that the old Pentium 4s were.

Please keep in mind your monitor needs to support DP1.2 MST not all monitors do that even when they support DP 1.2, its optional. Older DP monitors can not be daisy chained together, and many monitors don’t have two DP connections.

those are GIANT pencils!


This was extremely helpful as I’m in the market for a machine like this. Thanks!

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Why won’t Dell just put wi-fi in it computers without anyone having to order it separately?

As stated above, these are designed around businesses where they will be wired and at a desk. Wifi is less reliable, Ethernet just works. Businesses will buy theses a hundred at a time, vs 1 off consumer purchases.


@ThunderThighs the last time these came up I mentioned that that link to the warranty goes to a maintenance page. Could you give details on the warranty for these as it’s pretty important since these are refurbished.

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Let me ask.