Dell Optiplex 960 Intel 3.16GHz Desktop

Another benefit is if using a computer instead of “smart” TV then you can use the free Hulu instead of paying for Hulu plus and getting the same new shows.

I have a few very “legacy digital cameras” with only internal memory and only serial port out. But I wonder if the Windows 95 software and TWAIN would work!

You could probably install xp on this, then install the windows 95 program using compatibility mode. I think there are xp drivers out there for this optiplex. You might be better off finding a cheap w98 computer off of eBay though. There’s people probably giving them away.

Qwecom, thanks for the posts.

Display Port does carry audio. I had my laptop connected thus to my 65" TV this morning. Why wouldn’t this?

Any reason a USB Wi-Fi adapter wouldn’t provide the necessary connectivity?

I take it, especially with maxed ram and maybe an ssd this would make a nice big screen TV web station?

Display port CAN carry audio- I KNOW that! But the age of this Dell, it might not have that ability-It may have been configured to only display video. If you search Optiplex 960 Display port to HDMI, you will see where some people have not been able to get audio out of the display port.

Actually, it looks to have (from the rear panel photo) serial, parallel, and PS2 mouse/keyboard ports. With 6 USB, VGA, DisplayPort and an eSATA port, this thing is pretty loaded with ports.

As to the BluRay playback issue. Add blu-ray burning software and it should come with playback software. I have Nero and it works fine with an eSATA player.