Dell Optiplex 990 Intel i5 500GB Desktop

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Dell Optiplex 990 Intel i5 500GB Desktop
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No USB 3.0?

Yeah, that’s a deal killer for me.

Deal killer? You can get a USB 3.0 PCI card for $15. It’s a great computer for cheap (I use one at work).

Throw in a low profile GTX 1050ti and you’ve got yourself a pretty great entry level gaming PC that can play 1080p games at medium settings.

according to the ark at intel this CPU has AES support…so for anybody thinking about building a way over the top build for pfsense, it looks like this could be a decent start.
Just need to toss in a new network card.

USB 3.0 – Note that this is an Enterprise desktop from the 2011-2012 time frame. USB 3.0 hadn’t hit mainstream from Intel yet…especially on Enterprise desktops.

pfSense – I was thinking the same thing. Biggest challenge is finding Gig NICs that include the half-height brackets.

Keep in mind these come with Win10pro…which means if you have a local MicroCenter or Electronics Recycler, a similar system with no OS will probably be closer to the $125-150 range. I use two refurb Enterprise desktops for my pfSense as well as utility server at my house. One cost $100 at MicroCenter that included Win8pro, while the other was from the local Electronics Recycler with no OS for $65.

As an IT guy, I have sold lots of these off corporate lease systems for the past 3 years and they are great. Switch out the HDD for a new cheap 256GB SSD (use imaging software to simply image over the regular HDD) and you get a very good system that boots to desktop in 18 to 22 seconds. And yes, I have put in low profile video cards (the newer the better for lower power) and they definitely help with some clients and their 3D x-ray viewing. This is a decent price for a great little system. Have lots of clients using these for their home systems where they really do nothing but surf the web, check email, and create a few office documents. Only had two issues with them. 1. If they start throwing error codes, try taking out the RAM sticks and putting them back in - works a lot. 2. Power supplies sometimes die (3 out of over 50systems). I just get a new power supply ($30) and good to go. Also, I highly recommend going out to Dell and updating the BIOS to help. Most of these are on like A03 and Dell has this up to A14 or so.

here’s one for $10 even 4/5 stars
SYBA 2-Port USB 3.0 PCI-Express Card, x1, Etron Chipset EJ168A with Full & Low Profile Brackets Model SD-PEX20158

$27.15 Low Profile 1-Port PCI Express PCIe Gigabit NIC Server Adapter Network Card (ST1000SPEX2L)

I bought a similar Optiplex (model 790) from Woot last week. It’s pretty good for my needs (home desktop that also serves as a storage/backup location for all my family’s devices). Mine came with a 2 TB drive and 8 GB of RAM.

I threw in an old GeForce Silent 210 (it’s not much but at least adds DVI and HDMI) and upgraded the memory to 16 GB.

I know this is not pretty, nor will it make a true gaming PC, but for the way I use it, I think it’s a very good value. Win 10 pro alone justifies half the purchase price. It may be ~5 years old in terms of hardware but it’s far from obsolete. The biggest shortcomings are lack of USB 3.0, a weak power supply, and the slim case (needing low profile cards limits your options.) You can work around that stuff unless you are going for cutting edge performance, in which case a $200 refurb box isn’t a good place to start anyway.

Memory is reasonably cheap on the used market. I can add USB 3.0 and/or eSATA and/or gigabit ethernet via PCI later. I’m quite happy with my purchase even if it only lasts a year or two before I replace it.

I like the I5-2400 for a cheap decently performing CPU, I have one in shuttle unit I bought from woot. Its got a passmark of 5910 which is pretty respectable for a 7 year old CPU. Add an SSD and it’s a pretty respectable workcenter with 8gb ram. A newer Videocard might help, just make sure it fits and doesn’t pull much current- I would make sure the videocard is at max 65 watts unless you plan on upgrading the PS which appears to be nonstandard and probably not worth the cost. something like this might work EVGA GeForce GT 730 2GB GDDR5 64bit DVI/HDMI/VGA Low Profile Graphics Card 02G-P3-3733-KR possibly set-up a Kodi box/ mediacenter. In the comments on that VC someone stated “Fit this in an old Dell SFF PC do drive a 4k monitor at 60Hz, working great”. The GT730 typically uses less than 65 watts. I can’t guarantee it wil fit, so check the specs prior to ordering.

I just bought one of these locally for $25. Yes 25. Guy had about 10 of them and was just trying to clear them out to make room for the next bunch. I threw in an 128 SSD and a 2TB HDD, found a Dell OEM disc for Windows 7 and I use it as a Plex server. Quick little machine. I’m considering buying a half height GTX 1050ti for it.

I also bought one, although I opted for the optional SSD boot drive. I was also considering adding a video card to support digital video until I decided instead to simply use the displayport that comes on the motherboard. $7 got me a displayport-to-DVI cable, and I’m done.

They do make a GTX 1050ti low profile but they have some girth to them, there are 2 slots available so it might work, but it will be tight and air circulation might not be that great. The other issue you might have is the power supply at 240 watts assuming 75%-80% efficiency you’re at 180-190 usable watts. The I5-2400 has a typical TDP of 95 watts, and the GTX 1050i is 75watt card, and throw in another 25 watts for the
MB-that’s cutting it pretty close (unless you have a 300w PS in yours?)

Can someone suggest a 2 and 4 gb video card option that would work with this motherboard and power limitation please?