Dell Optiplex 990 Intel i5 500GB SSD Desktop

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Dell Optiplex 990 Intel i5 500GB SSD Desktop
Price: $299.99 - 309.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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We used to have hundreds of these at my work, most replaced due to end of 4yr life cycle.

Quiet (for an OEM system)
Easy to work on
Memory reliable
Mainboard reliable
HDD usually reliable.

CPU fan is proprietary
CPU fan often gets noisy and eventually fails
PSU often stops working , I’d wager 75% of our systems had the PSU replaced at least once.
Air intake fan failures on occasion.
WD 250GB Blue line, many failures.

Please note, we ran the systems 24/7 but were lightly used. Email and virtual apps were the norm.

My $.02

were you upgrading graphic cards at all that the PSU couldn’t handle?

No USB 3.0. Deal breaker for me.

If that is really, truly a deal- breaker for you, you really shouldn’t be shopping for 4 - 5 year old (990 is circa 2012) PC’s anyway!

I’m interested in the exact model #, etc. of the SSD.

I read that as:

“Will last 4 years of normal use, probably a better deal at $199”

It’s stated that it’s a Samsung EVO, I’d bet it is an EVO 850 line, as prices for that model have dropped significantly. I picked one up less than a month ago for $115

This is what I was able to find out from the vendor: Samsung EVO 850 MSATA SSD

Hope that helps!

I’m needing a computer in a big way, but my Woot Vizio 40’ refurbished television melted a hole in the back of the tv slap thru to the parts. Paid $299 Dec. 2014 and it melted before Christmas this year. I was told “oh well”, therefore I’m scared of Woot refurbished. Vizio said they do not refurbish.

We put a few low profile AMD or Nvidia in some without issue.

Key thing is to make sure they don’t require a PCIE power cord, or other extra power source.

The Dell PSU in our 990/7010/7020/7040/etc etc have exactly enough connectors as sold.