Dell OptiPlex 990 Intel i7 3.4GHz Desktop

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Dell OptiPlex 990 Intel i7 3.4GHz Desktop
Price: $479.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 6-7 business days (Wednesday, Jan 07 to Monday, Jan 12) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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CPU Benchmark

Anything but an HDMI port…

[MOD: Has DisplayPort]

very fast PC for <$500. not as good of a deal as the Lenovo “Nehalem” Xeon’s (first gen Core i-series) that were here about 9 months ago, but then again these are Sandybridge and have a lot of upgrade headroom, so still well worth the price if you’re a Dell fan.

It’s amazing how fast the Sandybridge architecture is after 3 years.

Please put in the the 2600 in the headline. This is an i7-2600. I shouldn’t have to go to the description to see this is a Sandy Bridge processor. It is misleading to just put in the i7.

It’s in the main title on the sale page. Other titles have character restrictions.

Nice price for a Sandybridge i7, Dell OptiPlex series support 2 HDDs and with a 5.25 mounting bracket you can squeeze a 3rd 3.5" HDD but you’ll need a longer SATA cable to do it.

Dell OptiPlex cases are the best case design if you’re into DIY upgrades/repairs. Once you’ve worked around them or owned one, you’ll understand why many people(non-IT) love Dell business desktops too.

grumble Two weeks ago, and I could have taken back the new Dell i5 I bought for Christmas. Otherwise, this is pretty much just what I’ve been looking for.

Graphics card doesn’t rate too high

Does anyone know which motherboard is used? Since all power supplies aren’t created equal, are there any considerations regarding an upgrade? I’m concerned about how a third party supply will fit inn the case.

Did I miss the memo stating that Sandy Bridge i7’s are no longer i7’s?

Judging by the Dell replacement parts available for this desktop, it uses a standard ATX power-supply. As far as I know Dell does not use proprietary power-supplies on their consumer desktop lines. The only thing that might be slightly different is the SATA power connectors on the Dell power supply look to be on a 90 degree angle. That is probably just for space-saving and shouldn’t be an issue.

You shouldn’t have any problems with an after-market ATX power-supply fitting. Since this does have PCIx support be sure to order an ATX12V power-supply.

Just keep in mind that installing an after-market power-supply will void your warranty.

Lolololololol. Oh wait, I’m sorry, you were probably trying to be serious.

It has DisplayPort. You can purchase a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter. Displayport transmits both video and audio.

It shouldn’t. That card will be five years old next week!

Fantastic price for an i7. Had this deal come along when I was desktop shopping a few years ago, I would have jumped on it for sure.

For those who would want a GPU upgrade (the radeon in it is rather old) a PSU upgrade would be a must. 265W with a CPU that powerful would leave almost zero room for any additions.

The biggest issue I see is no USB 3.0 and no card reader. That means relatively slow data transfer for anyone with an external HD or large flash drive.

Also, DVI and display port can both be converted to HDMI if that is of concern to anyone.

What else is to be expected of a nearly 4-year-old model with a cpu of the same vintage??

Not a big fan of Dell. From 2000-2005 Dell used to re-key the wiring on their MB and power supplies that still used standard connectors. If you would replace the PS with a standard one, it would burn out the motherboard. It happened to me when I was helping a friend replace his dead PS that Dell wanted like $100 for. It’s bad enough that they wanted to make their stuff proprietary, but at the very least could have made their connectors different. Even though they have stopped doing this since 2005, I have vowed never to buy a Dell product again. Don’t buy the “American Pie” persona of Dell- they are out to get you worst than everyone else. Regarding today’s offering the 265 watt MAX power supply is barely adequate. The videocard included is a joke because performance wise it’s probably no better than the Intel HD 2000 that’s integrated into the chip. Basically the video card is there for dual monitor support. I would not count on doing any sort of gaming on this- an integrated Intel HD 4000 video has about twice the performance of this videocard which is not impressive by any means. Basically this is a business work terminal that has dual monitor support. It’s overpriced for what you get at least by $80-$100.

My bad