Dell OptiPlex 990 Intel i7 3.4GHz Desktop

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Dell OptiPlex 990 Intel i7 3.4GHz Desktop
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CPU Benchmark

Time to learn all about the processor

USB 2.0? What is this, the year 2000?

No doubt the power supply is too wussy to put a real beefy video card in this box. So plan to add $100 for a 600W PS as well as $150-200 for a decent GPU. Otherwise, a bit faster than the Intel i5 4670 CPU in my PC. Just saying.

No it’s 2015! Hope that helps.

This is probably the last model of Optiplex that Dell sold without USB 3. We have about 500 of them floating around my workplace. No real problems to speak of. These are business class desktops, not the junk that they usually target for use in home, so you can expect it to be a bit more robust.

No picture of the back panel?

We have a ton of these and similar at my workplace. I’ve actually replaced a couple of the wimpy PSUs with a beefier ones because the wimpy ones cannot provide extra power to a video card. Like, the PSU had 1 free SATA plug and that was it. Anyways, to do so, I had to actually remove the handle mechanism, and a piece of plastic that the handle pushes inside the case and releases the side panel. After that, the side panel doesn’t fit all the way on, as the handle is right where the a larger PSU goes, so it is hanging on by friction.

If you’re not looking for a GPU monster, then they really aren’t bad at all.

Was one of the machines in which you replaced the PSU exactly the same model/case dimensions? Specs show the width to be 6.9" so not excessively narrow, and I would have thought most PSU’s would fit that case. However this machine’s PSU is only 265W, so it might be rather smaller.

Also, Dell used to be notorious for using non-ISA parts, especially PSU’s, which actually used a different wiring pattern and an ISA PSU would melt the CPU. I have in the back of my mind that at some point Dell got religion and went over to ISA. What is the situation with this machine?

Does anyone see whether the 8GB of RAM is a single stick, 2x4, or 4x2?

Edit: Just noticed that this model does not have wifi built in. IMO, would say this computer is overpriced by $75-100.

OptiPlex 990 Product Support

OptiPlex 990 Service Manual

I just did a little number crunching for a budget gaming PC.
Looks like for gold certified PSU of at least 450W you’d need to spend $50-60 (rebates tend to bring it down to $20-30) and then for something like an Nvidia 750 video card another $150-160 (again, expect $20 or so in rebates).
I would think you could spend $200 ($685 total) and end up with a pretty darn good i7 desktop.
(Note: I used an online PSU calculator to estimate the power requirements. Always round up and give yourself a buffer.)

This is kind of a silly configuration. The Radeon HD 5450 has a G3D mark of 232 which is probably about the same performance that you would get from the HD 2000 graphics that is included on the I7-2600 chip. Either way the graphics is pretty inadequate for anything more than just a workstation. To upgrade the graphics you would need to upgrade the power supply.

Here is a better option if you want to take a chance on a debranded HP. This has a newer and better Haswell I7-4770. It has the HD 4600 graphics on processor that has a G3D mark of 728 which is much better than today’s offering. 90 day warranty.

$510 free ship

Differences might be in Windows 7 vs. 8 and the lack of display port in the newegg computer you linked to. I’m older, and I haven’t yet bought into Windows 8, and it seems like a lot of people I talk to haven’t bought in and think Windows will veer away from app-centric software.

Windows 8 is not that different from windows 7 in functionality. It does have the metrosexual tiles, but you don’t even need to use that part. It looks different, but you can remedy that with 3rd party free software such as classic shell to make the desktop and start function just like windows 7. The only thing that I am missing in windows 8 is mediacenter, but that is because I use virtual tuner software that integrates well with mediacenter, but most people will be fine just using VLC or something similar. After adding classic shell you will barely notice a difference between W8 and W7 functionality and appearance.

As far as display port- what’s the point? The videocard is so weak I would not even you this for a mediacenter. If you are only using this as a workstation the display port is not that much of a feature.

Just purchased one of these for my office, this is my second optiplex 990. I find it to be a very solid workstation, for business use. It does need a $20-$30 usb 3.0 card which is very easy to install. I have to agree with the posts that this is not a gamer’s machine. This is a second generation I7 btw

There is a fair difference in build quality for the off-the-shelf HP desktop VS this Dell business class workstation. The motherboard alone should easily outlast buying 2 HP desktops.

The one I ordered a few weeks ago came with 4 sticks of 2GB.

How long to you need a desktop to last? 10 years? Why? I have desktops plain non business class models that still work fine that are from 2000. I don’t use them though- what’s the point? If you are talking laptops and you are moving them around a lot business class might give you an advantage in durability. For desktops, business class is way overrated.

The only way a motherboard dies (in a desktop pc) before it is beyond its technological usefulness window (most cases 5 years or less) is: bad power supply, voltage surge or if it was bad to begin with. If it’s bad to begin with it usually dies early while it’s under warranty. If the power supply is bad- it will kill any motherboard eventually. If it’s a surge, then, it will kill any MB.