Dell Optiplex Desktop & 19" Monitor Bundle



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Dell Optiplex Desktop & 19" Monitor Bundle
Price: $149.99
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Looks like the max ram is 8gb


The processor is a E7500. See Intel’s processor page.

If I’m reading the specs right, this thing takes DDR3 memory.


Would this be a decent HTPC? Thinking of hooking it to my TV to play uh “files”. I’d just give the monitor to my dog or something.


VGA only output, and (according to the specs) no expansion slots for a discreet graphics card are the primary things going against this as a HTPC. I wouldn’t use it as one, even with a TV with a VGA port.


this or refurb HP 6200 from newegg…


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The fact that the picture showed slots, but the specs said there weren’t any made me dig more. I found the pdf of the actual product manual: and the manual indicates there IS a PCIe slot (2 PCI slots total) and therefore a low profile video card should be able to be added. If the pictures are of the actual model, this would be the DT model but since several of the specifications listed (such as 4 memory slots when other sources say 2) I’m not certain the pictures are to be fully trusted either.


Keep in mind that whenever you see a pc for under at least $300, it’s because they have cut some serious corners.


No monitor included with the one on newegg.


Can i use this desktop for virtualization technology? Can i run vmware on this desktop? I would purchase this if it supports virtualization technology.


have a monitor… more speaking of the pc it self


A dual core and a monitor for that price? Very nice.


Hi. How fast is this computer? R rating? nOT A/B/ ? right?


Is this computer capable of running Windows 10? It looks like all the requirements are met except I’m not sure about the graphics card. I would like to buy this and upgrade it to Windows 10 to use as a backup computer and just to experiment with Windows 10 on something I’m not counting on for daily use.



Product not tested for Windows 10 upgrade

Dell is not testing or developing Windows 10 drivers for this product. If you choose to upgrade, some features, applications, and connected devices may not work as expected.

See a list of tested products


You’re right, everything should update fine with W10 update, except the initial graphics drivers…BUT those can either be updated manually, or may update automatically via windows automatic updates.

I would not worry about it. I installed W8.1 on many Core 2s like this and was able to get their onboard video working. W10 drivers are essentially the same for most things as the W8.1.


I get these used MB/CPU combos off of Ebay for like $40 that are similar Core 2 Duo set-ups- some even include 4GB RAM at that price. I spend about $45 and add an SSD 120GB drive. You would be surprised how well they perform. You can find some cheap 1/2 height videocards on Ebay used to make them perform even better for another $20. W10 has a pretty small resource footprint you’ll be surprised how well it can run on one of these despite the age (I think it was late 2009 for the Optiplex 380).