Dell Optiplex Desktops



These are some mighty expensive paperweights.


So this is where my old work desktop ended up. I miss this thing. They downgraded it to XP to run certain programs, but I still liked it. Now that Ive been upgraded 3 weeks ago, my new HP with Win 7, an i5, and 8GB of ram freezes up everytime I hit print, open a new IE window, or open up a new Word window and on and on. My productivity has literally been reduced by 50% because of this. Dont quote me, but if you are a casual user and not a gamer, and have XP at home, this will get you by for several years comfortably.


These would be more than enough for the average homeowner. Like my neighbor or my parents. All they do is web browse and view pics emailed to them from their grandchildren. Unless you’re into video encoding or gaming, these are just fine.


Most new computers come with hoards and hoards of garbageware that the manufacturer installs. Go to “programs and features” (formerly “add/remove programs”) and remove anything you aren’t going to use.


These prices aren’t any better than you would get buying a refurbished lease return from Dell directly (and way higher than buying the computer on eBay). Dell’s supply of 750s is completely gone and the 760s are mostly gone, which I suspect means they are too old for even Dell to try selling as a lease return.