Dell Optiplex Desktops

Hey folks, I’m thinking of getting this for my gf, she really only needs a word processor and spread sheet machine. Is this a decent option? I have a hard time sifting through the tech specs. Thanks!

This thread is for all the computers in the sale, you may want to link to the one you’re asking about.

Any of these machines would work as a basic internet/word processing box. That’s kind of what they’re made for…

Heck, I have a 755, and after I put in a decent-ish video card and replaced the processor with a Core2 Quad, I have the thing playing Dragon Age Inquisition with only some of the graphic settings set down to “low”…most are are at “medium”. Only reason I had to change the processor was because EA made it so the game would NOT RUN AT ALL unless you had at least a 4 core processor. FEH. Otherwise, games like Wasteland 2 and Civ V played just fine with just the video card installed.

I bought one of these last time around, and am using it as a media server. I installed Plex on it and a larger hard drive and it works amazingly well for the price. I wouldn’t want to try to watch two transcoded movies at the same time, but for low-demand uses, it’s perfect.

is there room in these dell desktops to put in a new video card?