Dell OptiPlex Intel Core i5 3.1GHz Desktops

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Dell OptiPlex Intel Core i5 3.1GHz Desktops
Price: $379.99 - 399.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Time to learn all about the processor

We have few hundred of the 990 series SFF at my work… two common issues.

Power supply failure…they just die. Either no power output, or the power button on the front the of the PC glows amber/orange. About 1/2 the computers have experienced this, some several times

CPU fan gets noisy, or fails all together. A bad c-clip design breaks and the fan scrapes against the housing or stops. Proprietary design as it exhausts the hot air. about 1/4 have failed.

A few case fan failures…maybe %5.

So far we’ve been under warranty, but many are now out of warranty and soon the rest will be.

My $.02 of real world experience

Appreciate the insight Souka!

What is a “DisplayPort” I like to think I’m all techie but this spec eludes me.

I feel I should point out that the cpu in this machine is over 4 years old at this point and while I wouldn’t exactly call it slow a Pentium G3258 with a good over clock can pretty much match it in multi threaded applications while smoking it in single threaded performance. Its got pretty rubbish integrated graphics and with no usb 3.0 and only 2 sata 3 ports its a fairly dated platform. I’ve got one in my current gaming pc and am itching for an upgrade at this point.

:edit: oh and its got pcie 2.0 instead of the current 3.0 although I can’t think of anything you could fit into this case where that would bottle neck you

We haven’t had issues with power supplies or case fans… but oh, yes, the CPU fan failures. I’d say for us, our failure rate is WAY above 50%. We stopped keeping track, to be honest.

Ours are leased for 3 years, so they’re due to be returned in a couple of months, and we’re happy to see them go. We’ve had good years and bad years from Dell… the Optiplex 990 was a bad year.

DisplayPort is one of the new video interface technologies designed specifically for computers. It carries both video and audio.

If your monitor doesn’t have a DisplayPort, you can easily purchase adapters for VGA, DVI, and HDMI.

DisplayPort FAQ
Not a DisplayPort FAQ… and gone

Why is it that no one ever feels that the rear photo of the computer is necessary? I have shots of the front from 2 different angles, yet the most important ass-end is being neglected. This happens with receivers also. Woot is not the only one to blame, others do the same $hit. Inevitably, it’s the manufacturer who doesn’t provide the photos, but if your intent is to sell something online, don’t you think that would be a vital photo to include? Seeing the front and the sides is fine, but really don’t you think that visualizing the inputs and outputs is the most important aspect when buying a computer or receiver?
This is just a pet peeve of mine I needed to vent.

A couple reasons…

  1. We didn’t get a sample so we have to rely on vendor or stock photos
  2. With refurbs and factory reconditioned computers, the lot may have a few differences from computer to computer. They are all brought up to the noted specs as a minimum.
  3. We like to hear complaints.

And good morning.

This… 1000xThis!!!

Why do people not read my posts! :wah:

Congrats to Zeromodel5 for daring to click the 2nd link.

Because you’re not a pixel whore like me. Maybe this will help:


Now that we’re on the 5th generation of the Core-i series processors, I feel like it’s bordering on misleading advertising to specify a “Core i5” in the title of an item without specifying the generation.

How hard can it be to put “2nd Generation Core i5” in there? Unless you really are trying to score some sales from people who wouldn’t otherwise have bought if they knew how old this was…

OK, here’s your pictures:

(uuuhhh… ok, so they’re really cartoons, not pictures.)

That title is sometimes pretty long as is. We give the full info on the processor: Intel Core i5-2400.

Can one of the IT boffins please tell us whether or not we care about 790 vs 990 for home use. I suspect that it doesn’t matter.

At $20 I’d go with the 990 over the 790, but I’m not sure there will be much of a hardware difference. We don’t have nearly as many around as the others posted above at my company but we haven’t seen many issues with any of them and they mostly exist in our maintenance garages which is often quite bad for computer fans.

One advantage is the Dell Command Update software will more likely support the 990 than the 790, and it’s really nice for keeping those drivers updated. I’ve had more trouble finding drivers for their current model 7020 than the 9020.

I’d use this as more a home server or media center solution than for gaming. Display Port adapts reliably to any other standard, especially HDMI. The 1TB Drive surprised me, business models rarely have such large drives.