Dell Optiplex Intel Dual-Core SFF Desktops

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Dell Optiplex Intel Dual-Core SFF Desktops
Price: $89.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Reading is fundamental, it appears that neither have WiFi so I guess these won’t be suitable for my intended purpose.

Old business machines. I’ve had one for a while, solid average computer, don’t expect serious games, and you have to get specific videocards if you do try to upgrade anything.

The 780 is a solid box… nothing fancy, but would suffice for general office type use. It’s very easy to bump up the RAM in them.

Add an inexpensive intel dual gigabit NIC and install PFSense. You’ll end up with an enterprise class firewall/router.

My mid-size business was giving these away a couple months back…not with Windows (for licensing reasons), but still…

To the person complaining that this computer doesn’t have WiFi, just add a USB WiFi dongle. They’re inexpensive. Sheesh.

To the person who wants an enterprise-grade router, all you have to do is add a single, half-height Gigabit Ethernet card. It already has Gigabit Ethernet on-board.

I have one of these models on my desk at work right now as my Windows 10 testing machine. Works fine.

I recommended the dual card because intel chips are recommended for PFSense. I don’t know if the onboard NIC is Intel or Realtec, but assumed Realtec. I have one of these as a router firewall and it is amazing. Dual Intel NICs can be found on Ebay for $15.

I sometimes host LAN parties to play StarCraft (original/brood war) or Empire Earth - wish I could afford to buy two but at least I got one this time around :slight_smile:

Can i swap out the dvd drive for something writable?

Would this be suitable (graphics and processor) to stream movies to a TV with a wifi added? It would replace a thinkpad T410 which works but could be used for something else.


None of which will matter because the resellers will be buying these up so fast they will make Jimmy Johns Drivers look slow.

Mine arrived today and broken. The dvd drive was pushed in the unit and seems to be rattling around in it.

I took the gamble. O well.

I’m very sorry for the problem. Have you contacted Advanced Skyline? They may be able to help you.

If not, please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.

I got my computer yesterday.
I assumed when I got it, I would dedicate the evening to clearing bloatware and other garbage. Turns out it didn’t need a thing!

I uninstalled the antivirus and the program list was almost completely empty! The computer started up beautifully.

Even with 4gb ram, with ad blockers, everything runs so smooth and quietly. I kept it running all night as a seed box and it was excellent.

So as an update i fixed the problem. As someone said below its a good unit. Im happy so far.

The bulldog program seems annoying.

After 8 months, mine stated that my Windows Key was invalid…contacting Woot Service for help.