Dell Optiplex Intel i7 3.1GHz USFF Desktop

Dell Optiplex Intel i7 3.1GHz USFF Desktop
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Time to learn all about the processor

I’m sure it must have HDMI or at least DVI, but maybe I’m missing it? Can’t Woot get a pic of the rear please?

On the spec tab
“VGA, DisplayPort”

The ports listed in the “Specs” are:

Video Ports: VGA, DisplayPort

However I’ve pinged Woot Staff to see if it’s possible for rear shot of today’s computer.

4 External USB 3.0 ports (2 front, 2 rear) and 6 External USB 2.0 ports (2 front, 2 rear, except USFF – 2 rear only) and 2 Internal USB 2.0 (MT only); 1 RJ-45; 1 Serial; 1 VGA; 2 DisplayPort; 2 PS/2 (MT/SFF only); 2 Line-in (stereo/microphone), 2 Line-out (headphone/speaker)

Wow, this computer has almost nothing going for it.

What Im wondering is how it is originally $1000. The only thing relatively great on this system is the CPU

On another note, it sounds like a mini-ITX computer, with the limited 2 ram slots and lack of PCIE slots.
The PSU is rather lacking, only allowing 200w. I don’t even thing you can buy a gold psu at that low of wattage.

Intels HD 4600 Graphics is intels best integrated graphics though, which it needs to be considering you cant use a graphics card in here.

Im sorry, i just cant recommend this to anyone. This isn’t a laptop, the price is unnecessary.

EDIT: Forgot to add that it doesnt support DVI or HDMI, which is kinda odd. You either have VGA which doesn’t transfer sound or you have display port, which i doubt you would be using if you bought this computer.

This looks ridiculously overpriced…much cheaper to buy a barebones set and put it together yourself. Dang…

Please consider that this is a good business grade desktop, not a normal cheap consumer oriented one. I think this worth it’s Price.


We have a lot of the previous models of these (9010) and they are our “best” machines on our floor. Small, easy to move around in the office, easy to work on, parts are easily swappable for warranty replacements.

These are probably off lease. Good desktops. You’re going to be paying extra for the ultra SFF size, so yes, you can get these same specs a lot cheaper anywhere, but this is also a model aimed at corporations and not occasional home use.

We’ve taken the HDD bay, drilled a couple holes in them and zip tie SSD’s in all of ours. They fly.

for the digital complaining crowd… Display Port = digital. A $6 DisplayPort to [whatever] cable will take care of your needs.

Armambos has the correct answer.

The Optiplex line is not designed for gaming, or necessarily home use. It’s designed as a rugged, easily serviced PC (I pretend to be an IT guy at work, so that’s important) that works well in an office/small business environment, though it will also work fine as a general home PC as well. I personally prefer the mini-tower configuration (in fact, my work PC is an Optiplex 9020 mini-tower) to the ultra-small form factor, since it has full-size expansion slots, and can use standard PC replacement components like power supplies, optical drives, fans, etc.

Display port-to-HDMI, as well as display port-to-DVI adapters can be easily and cheaply purchased to send full resolution to whatever displays you wish to connect. And with a VGA and 2 display ports on the back of this 9020, connecting multiple monitors is not a problem.

Consider also that this is a brand new Dell (not a refurb) with a full 3-year Dell warranty that’s priced more than $100 cheaper than I can get it through our contract. I also think this is a great deal.

I completely agree with everything you said. I would rather this be $150 less and Dell keep their 3 yr warranty, 90 days would be fine with me.

as you mentioned the CPU is awesome (4 core, 8 threads, big cache). One awesome feature is power usage of the CPU, it’s a meager 65 watts at maximum workload, half of what older processors used. I think the 200 watt PSU is very justified here, there is just no reason for a huge power supply on this energy efficient little beauty.

High fives to armambos, corvettejoe, BakonWoot, gak0090, and DavesPlanet for getting that this is a great business-grade computer.

A few things about this computer:

Small footprint at 9x9x2
SSD for fast performance
2 x DisplayPort (easily adapted to HDMI or DVI)

Business-grade computers are designed to be small and efficient. They’re sturdy and made for easy access to the innards.

As someone who currently deploys this exact model to the field, I would recommend them for business use. For this form factor Optiplex, Dell sells an AIO stand that allows you to mount the PC inside of a secure sleeve, then mount a VESA monitor to it, effectively creating an all-in-one package (

Where I work we use hundreds of these. They are rock solid.

The display port is pretty versatile. You can get a display to almost any kind of adapter.

Anyone know if the internal drive bay is open so an HDD can be added to increase storage? Or, is that where the SSD sits?

This is actually a fairly decent business grade computer and for the average person it is a good deal. I work with Dell business computers daily as a tech and have for the past 10 years. These are excellent computers and I would highly recommend them over most other brands.