Dell P2414H 24” FHD Monitor

Dell P2414H 24” FHD Monitor

Would really be helpful to know what kind of connections this takes? HDMI or …?

From Dell:

Woot had these for $159.99 more than SIX years ago. Come on Woot, you used to be a deal site! What happened? See Dell 24" LED-Backlit Full HD IPS Monitor

I ordered and received two… one had VGA and DVI-D with a height-adjustable stand and one had VGA and DisplayPort with a short stand. Neither had both a height-adjustable stand and DisplayPort connection. Both are going back. Roll the dice.


that’s a big oof - sorry, my intent was to help clear things up, definitely didn’t meant to lead you to disappointment!
Is that just because of the handling of shipment and repackaging or muddled messaging from Woot?