Dell PowerEdge R630 Intel Xeon 6-Core Rack Server

Is this a single processor or dual processor? What is the warranty on these servers?

Info about the processor can be found here.

And the 3 year Dell warranty is linked at the bottom of the description.

Leadsleds was asking about whether the server includes both sockets filled or just one. This is a dual socket server which is capable of running 2 of the physical CPUs listed in the specs.
My guess is that only one is occupied, which also means that you can only use half of the memory slots (12 of the 24 total) with one CPU installed.
Maybe someone can verify and update the specs with this info.

As for the server, these are great servers and still the current generation (13G) from Dell, so you aren’t getting 3 or 4 year old stock. I’ve bought a couple for my day job at the university I work at.

Which of Dell’s three year warrantys is it? Depot? Next-Day on-site?