Dell Precision 15.6" Intel i7 Workstation

The title says it’s the “MQ” Quad-core processor and the specs say it’s the “M” Dual-core processor. You might want to confirm which it is and have the two descriptions jive. (Crossing my fingers that it’s the better processor, but I’m guessing it’s the other)

Confirmed that it’s the MQ. Sale is being fixed.

It says 6-Cell Lithium battery, but under power it says 9-cell… which is it?

Thanks. Looks like all got fixed but one line on the SPECS page: “Processor Core: Dual-Core”

I’m also interested if it’s the 6-cell or 9-cell battery. That’s listed two different ways as well. Unless it means the system has a 6-cell and an additional 9-cell is provided.

Fixed & fixed! These have a 9-cell.

Last question: Does it have a backlit keyboard?

No, it does not. That is something that we definitely call out in the specs as we know it’s a common question. :slight_smile:

Nevermind. :slight_smile: