Dell Precision T5610 Xeon MT Workstation

The description for this item is confusing, does it come with 2 Xeon 2650v2 processors or just one?

I’m assuming someone messed up with the “x2” when they just meant “v2”, but I’d also like some clarification. Is it one 8-core processor or two?

Per Woot Staff, it’s a Single CPU, v2 (version 2).

We hope this information helps with your inquiry!

Does this motherboard have a second processor socket? Some of the T5610 configurations do include 2 processors with 4-8 cores each.

A batch of refurbished computers, such as this, are often a mix of model numbers. They are brought up to the stated specs as a minimum.

Warranty through an Ontario-based company? Not very good for a US-targeted sale!