Dell Streak 7” Tablet with Wi-Fi

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Dell Streak 7" Tablet with Wi-Fi
$139.99 + $5 Standard OR Free OR Free Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Don’t look Ethel!

If your Dell has streaks, try Windex.

Oh why couldn’t you be a Galaxy Tab Plus 7 instead of a Dell Streak.

I’ve already owned one Dell Streak - the battery life sucks and the resolution is very weak, but overall it was a pretty good tablet, but does not compare to any of the other mainstream tablets: Ipad 2, Galaxy Tab, Lenovo, etc.

But it was too late!!

Anyone successfully install Jellybean on this?

Yes, there is a Jellybean ROM out right now.

60 just isn’t enough of a discount here imo. Nexus 7 or bust.

Looks like Jellybean is being worked on, and ICS is on it now.

I picked one of these up 2 weeks ago to upgrade from my HP - it’s great! Fast, looks nice, takes decent pics, and the otterbox for it can be found for $10.

Think a future android version will be named Maple Bacon Lollypop?

@ $99 I bet these would be flying off the shelves. It simply has more features than almost any other 7" out there. Why Amazon & Google are so scared of card readers and hardware buttons, I will never understand…

I would hesitate to buy simply because Dell discountinued this device.

Nexus 7 is the best tablet I’ve ever owned. I had the BlackBerry PlayBook…that was ok. Kindle Fire, sold it and bought Nexus 7.

Yeah, looks like it’s a stable alpha build based on Cyanogenmod.

I had no idea Dell discontinued the Streak 7 already.

Lot of better tablets out on the market right now.

If it had a microSD slot, I would jump on it, but not having one is a deal breaker for me.

Maybe i’m missing it - but the Kindle Fire at $199 is a comparable device - only it is Amazon proprietary. I have and LOVE my kindle fire (hubby has a motorola xoom that he loves) - but I’m thinking the Streak would be great for the kids…cheap enough and open access to android content!

Doesn’t need one. You have Google Cloud. It not having one hasn’t hurt me a bit. I have a 32gb card in my HTC…no need for the tablet to have that. Just a thought.