Dell Streak 7” Tablet with Wi-Fi


Depending on how old your kids are, it may be wise of you to purchase a used Acer A100 from

Obviously if your kids are older, then no, this isn’t a bad tablet, just the screen is kind of fuzzy and it is a bit sluggish at times.

This thing should be 75 bux at most and its hardly worth it at that price… spend the extra few bux and get the nexus tablet… this thing is sub-par and virtually unsupported at this point, Dell has moved on to China and ignores anything they’ve released in the US/Europe… since Dell isn’t selling it anymore, dont expect much from them…

It was discontinued as of December 2011 is my understanding.

You’d have to pay ME to take one of these.

Well, it’s dual-core. That’s gotta count for something. I have the Streak 5 phone, still love it.

The cloud doesn’t help when you’re on a plane or traveling between Utah and Colorado or Utah and Nevada and go 300+ miles without signal. Until those things change (and they won’t for international flights) I can’t rely on cloud storage.

like what

Man, so less than a year. I believe they were announced mid 2010 and released 1st Q 2011 right?

would anyone recommend buying one of these?

Maybe a 16GB Nexus 7?

I’m probably mis-reading this, but doesn’t the spec sheet say “16GB of internal storage, plus an SDHC Slot”?
MicroSD versus SDHC - what is the big deal? (And I’m not trying to be a jerk with a rhetorical question. I am ignorant about the difference, and why I should care.)

we have the streak 5 phone also - it even went swimming in the pool once, and after a nice rice bath it’s STILL working!

Nexus is the google device, right?

I have all of my content on amazon right now, and I love the ease of accessing it through Android devices (kindle reader, amazon cloud player for android, etc)…Not sure how that will work with Google device.

They were referencing the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7.

Now I want a rice bath.

He was referring to the Google Nexus 7 tablet we have been discussing. The Nexus 7 doesnt have an SD slot.

The comments about not having expandable memory is directed towards the Nexus 7, not this Dell streak. On a side note- just as much of a deal breaker for me is no mini-hdmi out Come on, they make cheap chinese tablets that are sub 100 with this feature. That’s the main reason my Nook Tablet is going up on Craigslist- hmmm…maybe the Toshiba line that has the Tegra 3- but dangit- I like the 7 inch form factor!

This tablet does have an SD slot. We were talking about the Google Nexus that doesn’t.

You can download the Amazon apps for the Google Nexus 7. I had a Kindle Fire and sold it to get the Nexus 7. I’m a fan of everything Google. The Nexus 7 blows Amazon out of the water. Multiple articles have confirmed that too.